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A Summer of Resiliency in 2021

If there was ever a summer of the comeback kids, it’s this one, summer 2021! This comeback kid on wheels is feeling the resilience of America everywhere I roll and on the podcast apps I scroll!

This summer, I just found out the original online talk show I had created, The Sportshour with Alex Garrett , was approved by the iHeartRadio app!

Why this means so much is there were countless times while on air at WQMC Radio at Queens College the ratings meter did not tick up very much. That honestly got into my head a lot more than I’d like to admit! Imagine thinking you are taking to yourself and only thyself?! Yet, I didn’t give up on the show and now it’s on podcast apps all over the place!

Let me say that again: I didn’t give up on the show and now it’s on podcast apps all over the place, under the umbrella of Alex Garrett Podcasting. So if this summer can be realized as a summer of resilience, you TOO can stay resilient!

While we now have to hunker down against the Delta variant, our resilience is needed again and that includes not locking down again! We can weather this storm without shutting down, I freaking feel it!

It’s wild to think seeing my own show on IHeartRadio and some confidence-stilling can inspire staying the course of resiliency . It’s the only way I know how to live by persevering and living through any adversity! It can be done!

A self-created podcast on a podcast app has helped teach me that this summer of the come back kid!

Alex Garrett Podcast Recap 5-22-21


This week on Alex Garrett Podcasting, Alex explored why the MTA feels the need to join the vaccination campaign and argued people should not be pressured into getting the vaccine, but told to get the vaxx when the feel comfortable! (

In addition, Alex talks about why Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo’s decisions to wait until July to fully open NYC is not good enough. With a limited supply of freedoms still hitting New Yorkers, Alex says re-opening must be demanded for earlier lifting of COVID restrictions. We are at under one percent of COVID positivity this week and four states have recently reported ZERO covid deaths on a given day. Hear all about it!


Adapting With Alex Garrett welcomes back Pacific Legal Foundation‘s Daniel Ortner to discuss how PLF is taking the fight to re-open off Broadway productions into their own hands! As CDC guidance becomes adopted, how do we ADAPT?

Also this week, Adapting with Alex Garrett looks at how introspection and taking a look at one’s self can help us as we all adapt to post-COVID life! Dr. Joseph Cardillo encourages ATTENTION as we head out of the pandemic with his book, ‘The 12 Rules of Attention: How to Avoid Screw-Ups, Free Up Headspace, Do More and Be More at Work’. In addition, Paul N. Larsen discusses encourages us to embrace the imposter syndrome.

Keep Your eye out for more from Alex and contact him at!

Very honored to have welcomed Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha! We talked dystopia , WordPress and the comic book world!

Here’s the link to my guest appearance on Alex Garret’s podcast: DirtySciFiBuddha on Keeping It Real Give it a listen, like, and a share!

I Just Guested on the Keeping It Real Podcast!

From Devolving to Resolving in America

As originally published on Medium! (

It’s time now to loosen the grips on how we approach current events. People will take down statues out of rightful anger, they will occupy blocks of a major city, and they will chant ‘de-fund the police.’

It’s time that we just stop covering these three different types of aftermath to the killing of George Floyd. Let’s ask ourselves how can we just move the country forward and let God and Earth resolve the rest?

As we fight injustice, perhaps turning away from the violent aspect of the aftermath is better. Returning to the fight of everyday battles not seen on our television screens will bring resolve on this Earth. We fight what we feel is right to fight for, and everyone else will do their thing and we pray the course runs safely and naturally.

Has this entire ordeal caused you to pause a cause? Meaning, what were you fighting for so hard for before COVID? Did you forget about it, or ignore it? Well, travel back on your mind, bring it back and bring it to the forefront! Your next conversation could be what the world needs to bring resolve. My dad has taught me that if I focus on myself, things can get done well! This speaks to the larger idea I feel that if we combine our collective ideas, instead of feeding into the news cycle, America can once again find its resolve.

We can and should , on this Flag Day, believe in America . In fact, it is a MUST! Letting the Earth resolve itself, could actually help America in and of itself. Every 10 to 11 years, it seems this country goes for a correction when we do get too high on life. That’s God humbling us, I feel. If we in fact turn away, it will discourage those that want the attention. According to ABC News report of viewership during the riots and protests, it totaled 4 million people. One weekend alone!!! (

Most of that coverage came on Saturday night, May 30th. That was the second night of the rioting and looting coverage. What a time to have ‘Fever’ about these issues.

That stat should cause us to evaluate. Evaluate whether or not we put out content that turns people’s attentions from the chaos. Figuring out how, as a blogger, pod-caster, or any creator can shift attention is worth evaluating. Maybe the causes that were put on pause was not ‘sexy’ enough to get their attention. When 4 million would rather tune in to destruction, the CONSTRUCTION of topics isn’t quite convincing or going well.

For instance, I had a podcast that I felt strongly about and yet only did one form of research for it. That truly was not going to move the needle, since the discussion wasn’t all thought out! I have since taken it down and now am working on it to make it a better episode of childbirth fatalities, so stay tuned for that.

By constructing our thoughts better, it could drive viewers away from the carnage, we can re-purpose the thinking to be driving America forward. At the same time, if we take our eyes of places like Seattle, Atlanta riots disrupting the fighting cause for justice, and looters everywhere, they could very well just go back home!

Logically, deterrent factors would help the world resolve itself and allow us all to be proud in the American Flag today!