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Our Founding Fathers Had Goals and Never Went Doom-Scrolling

It’s Independence Day Weekend! A weekend we honor and celebrate the biggest goal our Founding Fathers had, breaking us free of tyrannical King George III and Great Britain. A tall task that started really in 1775, culminating with not only the birth of America, but a 245 year preservation effort on behalf of Americans today. The fight for freedom is never ending! Yet to be free and vote to declare freedom on July 2nd, 1776 (signing of the Declaration actually occurred July 4th, 1776!) our Continental Congress and Continental Army did anything but doom-scroll. Even if cell phones were in existence, I really can’t see George Washington telling them while crossing the Delaware, ‘hold up, gotta check that Tik Tok Video’ .

That’s why Independence Day is so special to me. Indulge me as I become Colonial Alex for a moment. It was the rolling up of the sleeves and getting to work to make us free that should inspire us all! If you ever feel yourself doom-scrolling, think about the sacrifices made by soldiers THEN and soldiers NOW that never scroll on the battle field, but stick to the goal of protecting America! Yet, doom-scrolling is a part of why America’s health feels in peril, because American lives are in peril when they spend exorbitant amounts of time scrolling their phone. According to NBC’s Today 73% right now admit to doom-scrolling (I might be one of them, which is why I’m writing this!)

Our fight for our own mental freedom day in and day out feels interrupted by our very own habits, does it not? If we limited our thoughts of phone consumption alone, I feel we could focus on preserving America even more! I’ve just recently started to put my phone on Airplane mode over night, that is so freeing! I also enjoy reading and let me tell you, stories of people like Rudy Ruettiger will inspire us to stop doom-scrolling. The man behind the film, ‘Rudy’ , worked as hard as the movie portrayed him to have worked to become part of Notre Dame and cinematic history. That is the American way , is it not?

Hard work is a landmark of this country, which is why I think Uncle Sam should inspire us to stop doom-scrolling and to inspire us to become self-reliant again and not reliant on the government through many stimulus checks. Self-reliance is Godly and paves a way for liberty! Self-reliance got us free from tyranny and will once again keep us free from tyrannical forces. Stop the doom-scrolling and PRESERVE AMERICA!

Via Coaching For Geeks:

Disclaimer: I am by no means a streamer but this article is fascinating about how streaming games has become a public speaking platform!

How to Be a Confident Speaker While Streaming

Streaming is quickly gaining popularity, partly due to the lockdown restrictions caused by COVID-19. Thankfully, creating content doesn’t require you…

How to Be a Confident Speaker While Streaming

Teacher Tik Tok Is On Fire!

It used to be a joke. It used to be ‘for teen girls only’. Yet, TikTok’s prominence has taken on a different role now that school is back and Teacher Tik Tok is on fire!

Personally, I know a teacher named Shannon (_mrs.shannon) who utilized her platform to help stock her classroom through supportive followers that chipped in for school supplies! She’s also excited to always use her Tik Tok to, as she puts it, “be able to show my kiddos that I’m human. I hold them to a high standard but I can have fun with them too.”

I’m glad Shannon mentioned fun! The Tik Tok space has given so many other teachers a way to connect with their students and with each other. From what I’ve seen , the teacher’s lounge isn’t the only way our educators are bonding , they now do Tik Toks together which I find quite unifying and fun to see!

For our teachers, it is stressful right now! So honestly thank God this app has been there as a place for all of us to blow off steam ! To move the classroom into a new generation of connection through actually doing Tik Tok projects and even a Tik Tok to break the ice with the kids before class is something to keep an eye on for sure!

A shout out also to my cousin Kristina Micalizzi who teaches in New Hampshire and shares her stories and ideas as well as how she balances mom life with her wife and my cousin Rebecca. Follow Kristina at @kmicalizzi!

I’ve also noticed how the teachers are inspiring each other through putting out creative ideas that work in their classroom! I used to have this idea that lesson plans were coveted and protected since teaching is still quite competitive to get into .

To see these plans be shared to the teachers across the nation is certain special to see!

Don’t sleep on Teacher Tik Tok, it’s a special space and I love seeing educators showing their creative side!

AutoCorrecting the English Language


So the legacy of the late technological genius Steve Jobs continued once again the last couple of weeks with the release of iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, the iWatch and iOS8. Great news for Apple and new CEO Tim Cook, as Apple sold MORE iPhone 6’s than it did iPhone 5’s by one million phones the first weekend of release. Yet, something seems to irk me about AutoCorrect.

I admit, I’m not a tech guy by any stretch, but I do find the Apple craze to be very intriguing. Especially since most of the stuff we type on these machines are more the phone’s words than OUR words. AutoCorrect of course could be found on Microsoft word as well, but there you literally have to find your mistake and, well, correct it. With this phone you don’t even think that you made a mistake until you hit that little send button and realize that Apple just corrected half your sentence.

While I understand that everybody is always on the go and has no time to think about what they just typed somebody, this can do more harm then good. For instance, miscommunication can set in quicker because the phone might correct your very thought into something unintentionally dangerous to a friendship or relationship. Earlier tonight a friend of mine texted about how a song she was listening to was not making her feel better. The phone actually turned the word “isn’t” into “is it” and so I looked like the stupid one misunderstanding her text thinking she meant to actually say “it is”. Yet it could be that the iPhone recognized that she had wanted to use “is it” instead of ‘isn’t’ on other occasions. Hence it appears the iPhone likes to think for us when really all it should be doing is facilitating a conversation and not making corrections based on prior algorithms and the like. Oh and of course making sure a phone can dial another phone, because that is what phones are primarily for.

That brings me to my next point. Sometimes it seems AutoCorrect can move different letters around. For instance, I tried to ask a friend how my work’s company cruise was. I typed in “cuirse” and AutoCorrect changed it to “cruise” for me. I pose this question though, is it possible that AutoCorrect could cause dyslexia? Have you ever noticed AutoCorrect on any phone rephrase something that you actually wanted, allowing you to say the wrong phrase in the first place unintentionally hoping the device will catch the mistake? I’ll leave that up to you the reader to answer.

I understand Apple tried to make texting easier, but underneath those funny autocorrect fails, lies real dangers.

People today use modern day shorthanded writing replacing words with simple letters. Imagine you are typing up a resume on an iPad and maybe when you text friends you replace you with “u” or and with “an” well those little typos could be AutoCorrected on that resume based on the number of times you have shortened words into one letter. How bad will that look to perspective employers? In this day in age people are in such a hurry they tend to not double-check documents as important as these and that “Ur company” can be an instant turn-off from the get go.

Disabling your AutoCorrect might get you to see that your phone continually changes what you write because it actually thinks it knows what we are thinking when it really doesn’t. I think disabling the feature will get us back to thinking about our lackadaisical spelling habits and MANUALLY correcting them, as well as manually inputting our sentence structure. Since so many text, it’s time to change our texting habits so that our actual writing habits don’t become hazardous to our work ethic in our daily lives.

PS: Since changing my setting off of AutoCorrect, I’m realizing how much misspelling I’ve done and don’t mind meticulously changing it, because sew an act, reap a habit.