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Previewing ‘King Richard’ and The Adaptations Made By the Williams Sisters

On my most recent podcast, sportswriter Cecil Harris discussed with me his interactions with Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena. We talked ahead of the release of ‘King Richard ‘, starring Will Smith, about Cecil’s up-close interactions with the real life Williams family.

Cecil also gave us a look at the 76 page plan Richard Williams made to woo coaches and bring his girls up to be tennis superstars. We also discussed how adaptations made by the Williams Sisters were led by ‘King Richard’. Is it possible one man inspired generations of women by just hearing the term The Williams Sisters ? Click the interview link below to find out Cecil’s answer to that one !

The conversation also covered Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Series , ‘Colin in Black And White’.

Listen to the entire conversation with Cecil Harris HERE

Garrett’s Sports Sentiment 1

A Brees For the NFL

Drew Brees is by far the most worthy of having a Super Bowl ring. Brees became the ONLY QB with 80k career passing yards in the NFL! He accomplished that feat recovering from broken ribs, just last night against the Vikings on Christmas! Brees truly deserves the only Super Bowl he’s won so far of allll the elites who have won more and he definitely is a first ballot HOF!

Why I Will Still Support the NFL

I’ve gotten bent out of shape over the fact the New York Jets not only left their playbook in the locker room (did ya see the game in Buffalo?!), but I would also have to say their dignity. Some today seem to think not even being on the field for the National Anthem is dignified, I would highly disagree.

The unity that the players of this League are pushing for is just a part of the story. Yes , police brutality is an issue we all must tackle head on, do not misunderstand me. Yet, if unity was to be achieved, every name of people that have perished in this devastating COVID crisis should be mentioned. Amazing how the media loves to tell us numbers, but really doesn’t question why the NFL or other leagues don’t appear to make healthcare heroes or victims of this crisis front and center of these tributes!

If unity was the true goal of this idea to kneel or stay in the locker room, every cop killed in the line of duty should be mentioned! Every person or child that has been struck by a stray bullet in protest zones or just our inner cities should be mentioned or even worn on the helmets if we are to go there. Why isn’t little 4 year old Legend Taliferro (, for which Operation Legend is named for, being worn all over the place? He was murdered in his hometown of KC just sleeping innocently on the floor, yet he won’t be honored on any NFL helmet because his death is not due to police brutality, that is sad !

With all that being said, I will still support and watch the NFL. If we are trying to save our country, we should try and save the very fabric that makes us incredible year in and year out. The NFL is, excuse the cliche, woven into our fall routine each and every year!

Socially, the NFL’s culture brings us all together through the Super Bowl every year. Nowadays with places like Bleacher Report and Barstool, nearly every week seems to have dramatics that lead us to talk to one another. Economically , the gambling BOON is for real. DraftKings jumping on with teams and the League tells you they want the economic potential of these games to hit their pocketbooks too. TV revenue would be hit by lower ratings and some that want to boycott the League I’m sure would love to see loss of revenue. I do feel for owners that won’t have as many fans and therefore will take a hit that way also. I also do feel for Season Ticket Holders that can’t get to bond with each other and root, root for the home team. The socioeconomic here cannot be ignored. While one can condemn gambling, economically you cannot root for this sport to fail.

There is a bigger reason why I will still support the NFL. If we all turn our backs because of this ‘unity’ cry, we let the forces behind all these movements win. We let them win because they simply want to turn off the sport of football, because these forces know how foundational this League is to America. They also know how pissed off these fans get and find it comforting when many do turn away. In many ways, the forces behind these protests know EXACTLY what they are doing. They want to kill our country, and why not do it through sports, right? I won’t stand for the destruction of our way of life, even if they kneel! We cannot let these forces lead us into submission and destroy this country by weakening professional sports, that I believe is their end goal.

Support the NFL, pray these teams don’t buy into the external forces driving these protests and overall, don’t let the forces behind all the chaos win, or this country WILL be done for!

Tom’s Terrific-ness Spanned Many Childhoods

As I heard reaction last night to the passing of Tom Seaver from veteran Met announcers Howie Rose and Gary Cohen , I realized that Mr. Seaver , 75, supplied memories for many childhoods on and off the field!

While Howie and Gary got to watch their idol will the Mets to World Series in 1969 at a young age , children of the 80s and 90s heard Tom’s winning mentality through his analysis on broadcasts with the Yankees and then the Mets.

The first thing I did after learning of his passing was pull up audio of his voice . Let me tell you, hearing the HOF’er’s voice sent me back to being 8 years old listening to him call a Mets game with Gary Thorne!

Personally, Tom Seaver influenced my life! In the broadcast booth, Gary Thorne invited my dad and I into the broadcast booth. In the top of the 9th of a random Met game at Shea, I sat next to Hall of Famer Tom Seaver while Gary Thorne held me on his lap.

There was another connection I had realized last year at the ‘69 Mets celebration. Throwing out the first pitch at Shea in 2006 was a thrill! It took me until 2019 to realize the magnitude of that Shea Stadium mound, as that’s the same mound Tom Seaver pitched the Mets into a World Series Championship and rocked New York City!

Off the field and outside the broadcast booth, Tom Seaver also made time to be with community. For multiple years, he attended the Celebrity Sports Night Gala at my alma Mater, the Henry Viscardi School. HVS is a place where kids with physical disabilities can get a great education from Pre-K-12 and adults with disabilities could be given the tools to work! Not only did I get to meet Mr. Seaver , I donned his #41 at about 12 yrs old in a sketch with Seaver’s teammates Buddy Harrelson and Ed Charles! We all had fun playing the role of Vikings , I guess making us the Vikings of Queens!

So yes, Tom Seaver did SPAN 60s childhoods, 70s, 80s and 90s childhoods and it was special to see up close and on the TV!

For Tom Seaver, a man that won 311 games, a man that was bigger than life for New York City , to give back to that very community proved he in his heart and spirit was the hometown boy from Fresno!

Tom Seaver 1969; Me throwing out 1st pitch August 2006
Buddy Harrelson, Ed Charles , Tom Seaver featured on the Viscardi Sports Night Video