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Yes, Juneteenth is Important

June 19th, 1865 is actually a very important day in the history of the United States. For all those that complain about how bad this country is, perhaps Federal recognition of the end of slavery can make them realize while we have flaws, America is truly beautiful!

America is the comeback kid in nearly every instance and ridding the land of slavery truly was a second Independence Day! What I find the craziest is that this day was never recognized before 2020 after the loss of George Floyd.

Why did it have to take tragedy to honor a great day in America? Why does it take tragedy to bring us together in what is supposed to be the United States of America ? I’ll always keep asking that question, considering the fact it took until 2021 for a President to make it a Federally recognized holiday.

Juneteenth is also pretty amazing in the sense of Texas. Yes a General in Texas decreed agreement with the Emancipation Proclamation which led the way to the 13th Amendment! Takes away the red neck narrative , doesn’t it?

According to the Times, Juneteenth became a national holiday and it’s the first national holiday declaration since MLK Day in the 1980s!

Juneteenth should not be a political football but a unifying force in America. It shouldn’t be a day where anti-cop protests pop up, it shouldn’t be a day where America-haters continue to say we are a bad country. It also shouldn’t be a day that those on the right are afraid of or try to tie to critical race theory. I understand many are calling for more action on the social justice front with this declaration , yet Juneteenth is a day that ended slavery and that’s how it should be honored!

I podcasted about this here! (

We should all rally behind the idea that slavery finally ended on that day , bottom line, End scene.

The ‘Juneteenth’ Conversation Continues…

Yinan Chen

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We all know the national holidays : Memorial Day; July the 4th; MLK Day.

When it is added, Juneteenth will be worth the National Holiday for sure.

I personally did not want to comment on the day without having fuller knowledge of it. To acknowledge the emancipation of enslaved Texans thanks to General Order №3 and the Emancipation Proclamation will bring us a nation ready to being more FREE. ( Do we have freedoms? Heck yes we do! Can we improve the way we are free? If the last few months and movements show us anything, it shows us we can and MUST do better. We should all really work to make sure all races feel free in this beautiful United States of America. Hence, why I’m writing on June 20th. To me, commenting on the day itself is great but let’s focus on the voices speaking up AFTER a momentous holiday.

Many would argue the protesters are the voice. I want to take it a step further. Let’s again look at the initiatives opening up for minorities in the business sector. I just had Benjamin Aronson of MediaCom Global on my podcast to discuss his initiative. Aronson says his drive to open the door stems from seeing “my best man at my wedding , big strong black kid who studied engineering at Lehigh, break up a fight between two white people and he is the one the cops would tackle and arrest. I’ve seen this stuff too much!” You can listen to our conversation here, ( . If you have initiatives to discuss please email me at!

We should also take the time to honor those men and women who commit to serve their communities as law enforcement. People of color do join the police force too, albeit a low number of 13.3% as of 2018. ( Yet, the fact that they are the second most ethnicity policing gives us hope that more are willing to join the force and defend this great country from the unlawful. It should not go unnoticed that the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone would love to de-fund the Seattle Police. They may not care then, that Carmen Best is African American and Police Chief. Would love to see more of that diversity lead our forces for good! A solid law enforcement helps us protect our freedoms, the basis for which we celebrate ‘Juneteenth’.

Let’s also take a moment to honor the civilian boards keeping our law enforcement in check, so that policing can be respected again. I talked with Florence Finkle , a member of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. We talked about her time on the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board and how we can instill public confidence back in the police through these boards. Finkle believes, “we as taxpayers, members of the public , their employers have a right to see whether a police officer improperly uses a baton and is being properly disciplined.” Listen to more of our conversation here! (

I’m all about honoring holidays and meaningful dates in America, I just want to see the conversation continue! Will you help me?