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Legislation Will Never Outrun God’s Plans

Legislation won’t prevent God’s plans for anyone. The back and forth on this abortion legislation is missing the ultimate point. While I believe abortion should be a last resort, Texas also is trying to play God!

My message to Texas is: let God and let go!

Life is truly precious , but God’s plan for who lives is what we need to focus on. It’s HIS land, His plan for people’s lives and his calling. Texas may be trying to play God, but not one piece of legislation can change the MASTER’s CALL, as Marty Robbins sings about.

Democrat Causes Are Crumbling

Well, I’ve not been with you in a long time! Hope I still have some WordPress followers! As the culture heats up, my fingers will burn these keyboards with thoughts that I don’t usually express, so stay tuned!

So what is the culture heating up about. If you’ve been living under a rock, it seems we are heated about everything! From the Russian Investigation to leaving our borders porous to having ‘a discussion’ of whether a baby , A BABY, should be killed after birth! To add to that, the anti-vaxx community is getting louder calling vaccinations, ‘totalitarian’. Insanity!

The Democrats are freaking out, you can see it! You can see the panic when Dem Rep. Steve Cohen is talking 100 mph attempting to state his impassioned views to Acting AG Matt Whitaker on the need for the Special Counsel (  That’s fine and dandy, it’s a free country. But the Democrat voices straining their voices to keep the Special Counsel seems to be lacking when it comes to life! In fact, it’s quite sad and tragic more Democrats don’t scream and stomp and yell when they are hearing Governor Northam, yes that Governor, of Virginia, say ‘resuscitate, if desired’. A baby, the most precious celebrated being, could now be thrown away, discarded after a ‘discussion’ with the baby lying on the table. A Democrat, made those comments. A Democrat Governor in New York enacted 24 week ban, when normally 20 weeks is when the baby is full-term!

This is the same party that now says Washington State should not enact law calling for mandatory vaccinations! Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Olympia, Washington would like to eliminate exemptions to the vaccine requirements. This comes on the heels of 52 cases of measles throughout Washington, cause Gov. Jay Inslee to call a State Emergency.   Yet, there they were, the anti-vaxxers , led by DEMOCRAT RFK Jr. protesting the idea that, oh my goodness, your child should get their shots! What a conundrum! Protesting life, and now protesting vaccinations, the ways to protect OUR kids, it just proves that the Liberal narrative Dems have tried to build over the years is crumbling! Crumbling in front of our very eyes! They try and appear like they care about women, they care about the kids, and that the Republicans don’t.

Yet, if you notice, there is a woman leading Department of Homeland Securities in Kierstjen Nielsen. There is a woman leading the CIA in Gina Haspel. And, if you didn’t notice already, the man appointing these women is a Republican President. Yet if you notice, it’s a Democrat spearheading the anti-vaxx campaign, and it is a Democrat publicly calling for post-birth death of a baby.

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