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We Are Now Amidst a Scamdemic

Imagine leaning into the idea of a 4 million dollar profit as your state is in the grips of the worst pandemic anyone on this Earth has seen since 1918.

The New York Times , THE TIMES, has the most damning headline I’ve seen since the news of under-reporting started to break . It reads ‘AS CUOMO SOUGHT $4 MILLION BOOK DEAL, AIDES HID DAMAGING DEATH TOLL’. I have written here on this blog before that this is even worse than the Nixon cover-up because those were just tapes, these are DEATHS that have been hidden! Criminality I have to believe. For more on the Times article take a look here,

I implore those that truly love Cuomo to this to day to adapt to the idea that once summer hit, NYS went from being in a pandemic to a scamdemic, and the Governor smiled and laughed all the while.

He VISITED other places like Atlanta when he told us all to stay in our homes , dare I say basements. That was a warning sign to me that he really even stopped taking COVID-19 as serious.

He’s not the only one that I feel has scammed us as a nation. I at one point considered welcoming wheelchair-bound NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn because of his comeback story of surviving a major car crash and becoming a Republican US Congressman .

Until I found out he falsified the circumstances around his 2014 crash in a speech at his Christian college. Cawthorn painted himself to have been left for dead after the paralyzing car crash by his friend, Bradley Ledford. Ledford then told his side of the story which had shown Rep. Cawthorn to be Dishonest . Yet, imagine describing a bold faced lie as a harrowing story right into being elected to Represent in Washington , D.C.

Lying about the situation which caused someone to adapt should be called out and held accountable.

It’s one thing to scam your way into government funding by lying about disability, but to intentionally mislead about the circumstances of a disability FOR VOTES is hurtful to those who have to adapt every day to thrive in this world being disabled! Way to be part of the scamdemic, Rep. Cawthorn!

Being a New Yorker the impetus to write this certainly includes Governor Cuomo and the Cuomo cover-up! However, in Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has found himself in hot water! I feel he too has scammed his constituents into believing he is this hard-working family man.

For a 30+ year old man to be proudly stating he’s been a church-goer to be even entertaining idea of palling around with a 17 yr old is quite alarming. Thankfully this had not happened while with his fiancée . However, by not showing any kind of discipline with this relationship, his behavior contributes to the scamdemic of leaders not doing as they say.

Albeit, personal lives are never going to be an issue on the ballot and these lives of public figures will take their course as they may. I do think Cuomo policy of re-stating nursing home patients with COVID is a huge story that this Gaetz saga will now kick to the side, and that’s not right either!

In all of these examples, for us the average citizen and busy voter/taxpayer, we must find a way out of this scamdemic and I think the best way is to ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!


The inauguration of President Joe Biden comes with an air of change and a fresh look at both the White House and the Capitol. In all of the Inauguration and evening celebration, the energy felt was not so much an intense look at the White House as has been the last four years, but a really calming feeling the White House energy and the energy of the new President won’t be as chaotic.

I always root for America, and will be rooting for the success of this incoming Joe Biden administration ! Red White And Blue always, no matter the President!


As the streets are celebratory , I’m feeling reflective and cautious. I pray that there was no interference at all. If there was all the celebrations will be like a false start. Litigation is a big role in this , and once that is completed, I pray a peaceful transition of power does happen. America over politics every day and I think the most American thing to do every four years is accept the results and know that God has us on a path that is on the up and up. I did vote my conscience this year and am proud of that! But you will not see me celebrate just yet until I see America on the right course and it starts in the White House, if the results for President- elect Biden stands. Or if by some wild way, President Trump gets a chance at fixing this !

Grow Up, We Are Under Attack!

It’s not two planes crashing and destroying our Twin Towers and 3,000 American lives. It’s not violence and terror in the form of a school shooting . It is something that has been expected for a while and we must call it what it is. A biological warfare attack.

An attack on this beautiful country known as America ! Unfortunately, we have all become used to this term ‘coronavirus’ for way too long. To the point where sickness is overshadowing the bigger point we are under attack. Yes, it’s accurate to call it COVID, but no one has yet to call it biological warfare !

For those laughing at our President getting sick, grow up! This is a serious matter, the President of the United States is sickened by an unleashed virus from a Chinese lab and therefore is under attack! It’s stunning and appalling people are cackling like Hilary.

How come it is we can’t be funny about anybody on the Liberal side over stupid things Biden has said, but y’all are allowed to laugh at the Leader of the Free World under attack? Don’t tell me it’s a free world , because you aren’t making it free for those with opposing views!

When did it hit me President Trump was under attack? I’ll be upfront and say he did not look as well fighting through this virus, I believe he will pull through! However, it was COVID , unleashed from a Wuhan lab, that put him there. It all leads to the fact that the Chinese government purposefully covered up so as to secretly hope it got to POTUS, and perhaps we could call this an assassination attempt by a foreign enemy! I’ve not seen President Xi apologize to America or to President Trump for Trump getting it, have you?

There’s more to this, however , POLITICO is reporting all our enemies are basically licking chops as our President works to recover at Walter Reed. They are salivating at the idea we are down for the count right now . According to Politico, they were told “There is always the possibility that adversaries will seek to exploit the information space and talk propaganda,” said one defense official. “We are definitely monitoring and keeping aware.”(

I believe it’s more than just the election process our enemies would hope to exploit (again). They want physical harm done to us as evidenced by this virus, and they want even more. During this pandemic we have had to monitor Iranian ships (; we have had to head off Russia warships ( ; and of course had to deal with China concealing information on the most deadliest disease known to date .

We have enemies and if you want to laugh and not confront the enemies, I suggest quitting whatever position in America you hold today . I’m not happy or laughing or partying in the streets that our POTUS has been stricken , and oddly enough we’ve been here before as a country during a pandemic . Yet , there was no laughing .

Sarah Fling and Tevi Troy have documented when President Woodrow Wilson got ‘violently sick’ during the 1918 pandemic . He actually got sick in 1919 and according to research , they found a Washington Post article noting, “The country will be anxious regarding President Wilson until he is again at work … It is a time when an hour lost means the loss of millions of hours to these individuals who are awaiting to begin reconstruction … the allied world hopes for the sake of its material interests that his illness will be light and brief.” (

It appears Woodrow Wilson also in some way or another downplayed a deadly pandemic. However , Troy notes in his book ( ), “The federal response to the influenza outbreak in 1918 can best be described as neglectful. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died without President Wilson saying anything or mobilizing nonmilitary components of the U.S. government to help the civilian population,” Troy writes in “Shall We Wake the President: Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office.”

POTUS Trump foolishly makes fun of the masks and the fact Biden wears one for safety , but let’s not forget the resources he sent to NYC alone to fight this virus! He had and has mobilization efforts to fight this contagion constantly !

Today we have people admittedly laughing, not showing any anxiety that our President has fallen ill, oh how the times are changed ! We all need to confront these realities together. Even if Trump has been boisterous , I am glad people like Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo and Joe Biden and other media and Dem leaders have wished this President well, the every day Liberals that seem to find it funny must take their lead and wishing him well!

We must stop this attack !

No, Not That Way!

We seem to be living a society that says you can do this, but how dare you do that!

These examples pop up daily . The most recent is the celebrity privilege on full display at Barclays in Brooklyn ! While you and I could get fined 10k for not observing quarantine thanks to Mayor de Blasio, celebrities get to waltz in as if this city is open again. Can’t make it up!(

We talk about how bad white privilege is in society , yet someone needs to say other privileges exist, like celebrity privilege ! As far ‘no, not that way ideals go, groups can gather unquarantined , yet there is still multiple pauses on business here in NYC! In essence, you can gather but not in the way it will benefit business owners , customers and the economy!

This same idea applies to indoor dining! How is it that barbers , now gyms (except for New York City Venezuela ) can open yet restaurant owners are on the brink as the days of being locked down continue to drag on! We the citizens, we the people must be given all the keys to our city back!!

As far as social justice ‘no not that way’ perfectly describes reactions to kneeling of players before the game. Personally, I don’t believe in kneeling during the National Anthem. However, when people go on and on about how bad the riots are , one would think peaceful forms LIKE knelling to make a point would be acceptable. That just never seems to be the case. For instance, when the Yankees knelt (before the Anthem) , some fans disowned the team , which was head-scratching at the least !

Where I wish things were different deals with signage and apparel. We’ve seen these fancy masks and some yes are rightfully so pro-Trump and pro- Cop masks . However, in a video this week a woman shared that at Sam’s Club it appears she was asked to take her pro-Blue Lives Matter mask because it ‘offended’ other shoppers. I would love to hear stories from you to prove this is actually happening.

I honestly believe it could be! We’ve seen now Goodyear this week spin its wheels after an employee posted how the tire company would disallow Blue Lives Matter and MAGA hats, but allow employees to wear BLM apparel. Since the story broke, Goodyear has in fact responded. ( ). The fact Goodyear got into this mess is a metaphor, I believe, on how companies think in today’s world.

Can we also talk about parking lot Church gatherings being interrupted by law enforcement? There is no excuse for it now that the DNC made a parking lot party for Joe Biden after accepting his nomination ! So, let’s allow churches to congregate again fully, since DNC really didn’t care about safety the whole time !

One sector of society is telling the Democrats , Republicans and everyone in between what to do, actually having their cake (shaming those who don’t wear masks) and eating it too (shaming those who wear Trump masks) ! Because they want you to be THEIR WAY and constantly remind us , ‘No, Not That (OTHER) Way’!

States’ Rights Should Be Cherished, So Why Aren’t They?

So why aren’t they? That is my question . I was not happy with President Trump believing he has ‘total control’ over the states. Which is why I’m glad he backed off his statement yesterday, and gave signs he would work with Governors to re-open America. Doesn’t that phrase, ‘Re-Open America’ send chills down your spine? I heard that uttered by VP Mike Pence and I got the feels of American Spirit again!

To even discussing re-opening America slowly is a small victory. Anyone who floats this idea is actually doing the right thing to give hope rather than despair. Do the people just wanting to be pessimistic of opening by May not want their fellow Americans to have hope? Do they want America to lose it’s spirit?

The American spirit was built on just 13 colonies. These colonies rebelled against King George III’s rule and formed the United States of America. The King right now isn’t President Trump. While COVID is certainly not King-like, what these 7 states are planning is a rebellion against CoronaVirus!

I admire the precision with which Governor Andrew Cuomo has been looking at the day-to-day stats when discussing re-opening. The idea should be to open up slowly and when the time is right. Only states can really decide this for themselves. So, SHOUT-OUT TO STATES’ RIGHTS!

As I have been thinking on this, another thing crossed my mind. The same people actually advocating states’ rights, during CoronaVirus don’t exactly cherish the idea of states’ rights. By pushing universal healthcare, Medicare-For-All, and other progressive policy, it shows on a normal day just how invasive these Governors truly think the USA should be.

For Dem Governors to praise Mandates for ObamaCare was not an honor to the Constitution. It gave up their rights to provide healthcare best fit for their residents. So why now do they care of states’ rights? Kind of interesting right ?

Some of these Dem governors trying to open their states up together, have also praised large amounts of regulations. Upping regulations isn’t American. We are supposed to help each other every day, and de-regulation proves to be a big help to Americans that just happen to have a corporation. You let the Federal Government dictate what your state’s regulation should be, you’ll have lost the American spirit.

You let the Federal Government dictate when to open, you’ll have lost the American Spirit. We weren’t built to be controlled, taxed more than needed, and certainly not built to be shut-down.

At the same time, this is the time to realize that YOUR own higher taxes have caused people to leave our state. It’s caused business to leave in rebellion against your tax policies! It also costs human economy because when someone loses their job, they are not exactly feeling on solid ground. These governors can certainly learn at this time to help keep their people afloat by not taxing through the roof!

To the President, I ask, please let the states choose when they should open. To Governor Andrew Cuomo, I ask that you fight hard against those who suggest to you raising taxes. I also ask that you fight against the progressives that want federal invasion of your state residents through higher taxes and one-size-fits all healthcare policies.

None of us are a one size fits all state, so let’s cherish each state’s rights!

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My Thoughts on States’ Rights

I Have Questions for Rep. Omar

Ground Zero was not something I just decided to go see the aftermath of. It’s not something that any of us should have suffered through . It isn’t a something , Rep. Ilhan Omar , it’s a terror attack that happened on American soil! I’d say our soil, but the way you have been talking, I don’t know how true to this country you really are, no matter what you say.

Let me ask you this, were you working at a school for kids with special needs on Long Island the day 9/11 happened? Were you there supporting kids who had to stay over night due to transportation being halted after the attacks? Did you know there were kids impacted that have trakes, oxygen tanks, power wheelchairs , manual wheelchairs and have limited mobility at times? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’.

Rep. Omar, were you there running for your life along the streets of NYC after tower one and then tower two fell? Were you there braving the debris, the dust, inhaling every particle possible as you were a first responder helping people try and escape the HELL and the terror that was just unleashed on New York and America? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you wearing a construction site-type mask to protect your face while watching the debris of two towers that brilliantly and valiantly stood as the commerce capital of the world? Did you grab the bullhorn and rally America and the Big Apple saying that we WILL get through this together? No? Then don’t call this city and America’s pain, ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you trapped in New York City feeling helpless on September 11, 2001? No? Then please recognize this isn’t just ‘something’!

You laughed as you said you took a terrorism class, and it boiled my blood. More than you will know. I understand that not all Muslims are bad people, the WORLD knows this. But to make it sound like the terrorists that did 9/11 were just ‘some people who did something’ it cuts me and many others, probably even those who elected you, to the core. As does using the words of President Bush to double down.

Having lived through it, having visited the aftermath and having been working in a revitalized downtown Manhattan the last 5.5 years, Rep. Omar, I am proud to roll by the Freedom Tower because that is a statement on the American resilience.

And for people on the right, we have to recognize that everyday American Liberals are not talking like this, and they have to be recognized as decent, and not part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome because they aren’t the issue here. It’s the ultra- progressive elected leaders and those that support every word they say that is the ‘something’ we all should be worried about!

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