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Election Day Coverage on Alex Garrett Podcasting

As New York City prepares to adapt to a new Mayor amidst vaccine mandates , Alex welcomed Zach Miller of New York Truck Stop Radio to discuss what the new era should bring for NYC. After all, Mayor-elect Eric Adams will inherit quite the mess from Mayor Bill de Blasio!

Take a listen to my conversation with Zach Miller HERE :

Nationally, Alex Garrett Podcasting talked with author Richard V. Battle about the residents of Minneapolis/ St. Paul voting to KEEP the police department . They also discussed the common sense of Virginia voters to elect Republican Glenn Youngkin over Terry McAulliffe. A reminder, Virginia also turned their state legislature RED!

Take a listen to my conversation with Richard Battle :

What Is Bob Brenly Du-Ing

This question has been rattling my mind since the former manager of the Diamondbacks made a remark about Marcus Stroman wearing his du-rag on the mound.

For the exact quote, Brenly said , “I’m sure that’s the same du-rag Tom Seaver used to wear”. Talk about something out of left field ! What puzzles me about this controversy is Brenly himself had to defend Byung-Hyun Kim from cultural judgements in NYC! Kim had given up three straight games in NYC as the Diamondbacks closer in the 2001 World Series. From what I remember Kim was joked on on SNL. While the D-Backs won that World Series, Kim discussed the legacy of his career years later . (

For Brenly, I’d ask him what did he learn in that experience 20 years ago? It feels like he didn’t learn anything after hearing Tuesday’s comment!

Right now, Brenly has stepped away from the Diamondbacks broadcast booth after the backlash he received. He even released a statement that acknowledges he needs to undergo sensitivity training. How does a man who is a veteran of the game and of broadcasting in his 60s need to undergo sensitivity training? Does a hot mic really mean an open mic for some of these people?

The circumstance of that comment also surfaced because the benches DID clear after Stroman and the D-Backs own Josh Rojas were jawing at each other . Keep in mind the Diamondbacks have been frustrated going 5-26 in May! Was that a reason why a grown man like Bob Brenly would make that comment about Stroman? Is he frustrated in the broadcast booth too??

Bob Brenly said he was trying to be funny. I hate the cancel culture as much as anyone, but the comment made about Stroman’s headwear was crossing the line. My suggestion is that Stro wear one over his Met hat now just to prove the point that is his preference and he won’t let anyone deter him from wearing a du-rag on the mound. It’s very much his comfort zone to excel for the Mets, you can just see it.

Oh and Stroman just needs to keep doing his thing for the Mets, after all this team is in first place! Enjoy the basement , Bob Brenly !

Alex Garrett Podcast Recap 5-22-21


This week on Alex Garrett Podcasting, Alex explored why the MTA feels the need to join the vaccination campaign and argued people should not be pressured into getting the vaccine, but told to get the vaxx when the feel comfortable! (

In addition, Alex talks about why Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo’s decisions to wait until July to fully open NYC is not good enough. With a limited supply of freedoms still hitting New Yorkers, Alex says re-opening must be demanded for earlier lifting of COVID restrictions. We are at under one percent of COVID positivity this week and four states have recently reported ZERO covid deaths on a given day. Hear all about it!


Adapting With Alex Garrett welcomes back Pacific Legal Foundation‘s Daniel Ortner to discuss how PLF is taking the fight to re-open off Broadway productions into their own hands! As CDC guidance becomes adopted, how do we ADAPT?

Also this week, Adapting with Alex Garrett looks at how introspection and taking a look at one’s self can help us as we all adapt to post-COVID life! Dr. Joseph Cardillo encourages ATTENTION as we head out of the pandemic with his book, ‘The 12 Rules of Attention: How to Avoid Screw-Ups, Free Up Headspace, Do More and Be More at Work’. In addition, Paul N. Larsen discusses encourages us to embrace the imposter syndrome.

Keep Your eye out for more from Alex and contact him at!

Alex Garrett to NYC: ‘Let’s Get Goin’

Via LinkedIn NEWS

On my latest podcast, I broke down the graphic above showing how just 25 PERCENT of NEW YORKERS are seeking employment ! This city, this state is much more driven than that, it’s up to local leaders and the media to instill confidence again!

Find out on my podcast why I say to New York City : LET’s GET GOING!

Moon Over Manhattan 3-27-21

AlexGNYC1 on Instagram

Incredible to watch the moon over the Manhattan skyline !

Manhattan Transfer of Power

New Sameness

Published originally on Medium :

This concept literally flowed from my lips this past week at my local Starbucks and in conversation with a colleague at work. Don’t ask me why I’m so driven to write this blog, but I am.

Some Americans have been shaking that quarantine rust off and headed back to work. Some Americans still are tragically unemployed this Labor Day week. Some Americans are literally doing what they have been doing since this pandemic started and before, which is staying essential to keep this country going. Kudos to all in these categories, as one way or another you are a fabric in this country working hard to stay at work!

Every day for many has become this sameness we can’t get out of. I would like to say, if you can’t get out of the sameness, find something NEW about your same routine and experience each day! The fact that our television screens are literally not offering any new hopes, any new silver linings means we can’t rely on just staring at a TV or Netflix any more. We have to rely on finding something new. How? By exploring! Getting out of that basement and taking on the world again, is a start. Whether it be just your own backyard or a dense metro city, let’s get outside again!

For me, it was exploring Washington Square Park (with a mask on) that made me realize people are out and about trying to make new experiences, new moments in 2020. My buddy, Instagram influencer Mr. NYC Subway, encouraged me to go and check out and actually have some fun! Yes, as crazy as 2020 has been, there is still time to get rid of the sameness you might be feeling!

Museums in New York City have just re-opened at limited capacity, so we are seeing that. Malls in NYC have just re-opened this week as well to explore. The biggest WIN so far this week at least here is that indoor dining will commence at 25% capacity on September 30th! 2020 is far from over, and the sameness, the same day every day feeling is dissipating, can’t you feel it?

Personally, I am working on sticking with a couple of ways to maintain newness alongside the sameness. Experiencing one exciting adventure a day is a huge health benefit for me. It’s NEW, it’s something to bring back normalcy again. I used to try many different adventures in one night, which did run me down. To stick with at least one adventure every few days and then going home to relax is a win-win theory for me, I hope that could work for you too! Second, I also am believing that exerting a stable energy can also bring newness into our lives.

If you feel your pattern has got you down, working on a pattern that may not seem as chaotic will bring you a less chaotic outcome. For me, I’ve stopped wandering the streets of New York City. Nearly every night since returning, I wanted to experience the city again to keep my sanity. I’ve learned to keep my sanity by also going home earlier most nights to recharge the battery knowing GOD will bring a new and better day the next day!

This is the other idea I’d love to explore more and have you explore it to. What newness can and does God bring to you every day? God’s signs are around even in pandemic-type atmospheres, no doubt about it. Yet, if we do just one adventure at a time and not try and pack it in each day, I believe God generates a new day literally full of new possibilities !

Let me ask about this as a follow up to my ‘Stay-In-Place Habits’ blog. ( How have you been keeping up with the habits you’ve developed during this whole time? Have you regressed or seen progress? Have you been able to maintain a same successful routine? If so, this blog is for you!

Let me just end with a quote from Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, that fueled this blog post. Coelho writes “when each day is same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize good things that happen every day that sun rises!”

Let’s go from same old, same old to ‘same new, same new’!

Tom’s Terrific-ness Spanned Many Childhoods

As I heard reaction last night to the passing of Tom Seaver from veteran Met announcers Howie Rose and Gary Cohen , I realized that Mr. Seaver , 75, supplied memories for many childhoods on and off the field!

While Howie and Gary got to watch their idol will the Mets to World Series in 1969 at a young age , children of the 80s and 90s heard Tom’s winning mentality through his analysis on broadcasts with the Yankees and then the Mets.

The first thing I did after learning of his passing was pull up audio of his voice . Let me tell you, hearing the HOF’er’s voice sent me back to being 8 years old listening to him call a Mets game with Gary Thorne!

Personally, Tom Seaver influenced my life! In the broadcast booth, Gary Thorne invited my dad and I into the broadcast booth. In the top of the 9th of a random Met game at Shea, I sat next to Hall of Famer Tom Seaver while Gary Thorne held me on his lap.

There was another connection I had realized last year at the ‘69 Mets celebration. Throwing out the first pitch at Shea in 2006 was a thrill! It took me until 2019 to realize the magnitude of that Shea Stadium mound, as that’s the same mound Tom Seaver pitched the Mets into a World Series Championship and rocked New York City!

Off the field and outside the broadcast booth, Tom Seaver also made time to be with community. For multiple years, he attended the Celebrity Sports Night Gala at my alma Mater, the Henry Viscardi School. HVS is a place where kids with physical disabilities can get a great education from Pre-K-12 and adults with disabilities could be given the tools to work! Not only did I get to meet Mr. Seaver , I donned his #41 at about 12 yrs old in a sketch with Seaver’s teammates Buddy Harrelson and Ed Charles! We all had fun playing the role of Vikings , I guess making us the Vikings of Queens!

So yes, Tom Seaver did SPAN 60s childhoods, 70s, 80s and 90s childhoods and it was special to see up close and on the TV!

For Tom Seaver, a man that won 311 games, a man that was bigger than life for New York City , to give back to that very community proved he in his heart and spirit was the hometown boy from Fresno!

Tom Seaver 1969; Me throwing out 1st pitch August 2006
Buddy Harrelson, Ed Charles , Tom Seaver featured on the Viscardi Sports Night Video

Garrett to NYC: We’re Not Dead!

Originally Published In Medium:

If the middle-of-the-night clearing out of City Hall Autonomous was any indication, this city craves to get back to normal.

I was going to take a whole different approach to this piece, until it hit me. This week, the Mets will play in Flushing against the Atlanta Braves for their home opener. Where have we seen that SCENE of the Mets hosting the Braves after tragedy? Try September 21st,2001 at Shea Stadium. You want an example of a night where NYC showed it wasn’t dead, it was THAT ONE. Just ten days after horrible terrorism caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and killed 3,000 American lives, baseball was finally back! The pre-game ceremony, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and of course Hall of Famer Mike Piazza’s home run that pulled this City back together (! While no fans will be attending either Yankees or Mets games right now, there is no doubt baseball can once again bring us a spirit of New York City that never dies! Particularly since no one really thought we would get to this point of even seeing a sporting event on television.

Fact is, we have lost thousands to this awful virus. Fact also is, millions are still blessed with the opportunity to wake up in this great city and witness and experience what will go down as more than just its re-opening, let’s call it re-birth of New York City.

A lot has happened just in this year alone, but I would say the biggest change I think felt between September 11th and now is that there is no honoring of our first-responders like there was on that Shea Stadium diamond. Instead the cheers for New York’s Finest has been turned to ‘defund’ cries. The support for nurses has only been vocal, with very little in hazard pay going their way.

Can I just remind you without our Finest (NYPD), our Bravest (FDNY) and without our hard-working nurses and doctors, many more would have perished, I truly believe that. Without them, New York City would have truly been on the brink of extinction. We see the Mayor of New York City praise the re-openings of baseball as we head in to phase four, but it seems he forgot how that could be possible.

He seems to have forgotten that the reason why we pulled through this wasn’t just because of the generic “New Yorkers” like the Governor and Mayor like to praise. NEW YORK CITY IS NOT DEAD BECAUSE OF THE WORKERS WHO DON’T GET POLITICAL AND JUST DO THE WORK NEEDED TO KEEP US SAFE! Yes, regular New Yorkers did extraordinary things to stay inside and stay safe, but the ambulances and cop car sirens ringing through the city during a time of crisis should be recognized as heroic, and not forgotten. Instead with many, including leadership, arguing the ‘de-fund’ rally cry, that heroism has truly been forgotten.

That is why today’s steps to remove the City Hall Autonomous Zone should be considered a step in the right direction. I have been feeling that those who want to have a better city have looked at all the negatives surrounding it. We should also shine a light on the POSITIVES in NYC. Yes, there are a few!

From my point of view, rolling past outdoor diners the last couple of weeks, in my veins I’m sensing a vibrancy returning to NYC. I’m seeing business owners that survived the pandemic are back out there working hard, setting outdoor tables up and getting life going again! I’m seeing signs of ‘welcome back’ coming alive.

To shine only a light on the incompetency of our leaders doesn’t do New Yorkers justice. Yes, we need to show how bad the destruction got and say THIS HAS TO STOP. Shining a bright light on awful behavior is only part of this story. The other part is that you can see life being breathed back in, just roll down Austin Street in Forest Hills. Roll down 2nd Avenue, Avenue of the Americas even and see people LIVING and enjoying life!

When the Mayor acknowledges this vibrancy and re-birth, that is great. How infuriating is it however, that he cannot bring himself to acknowledge the destruction and travesties he’s let parts of this city become by not having back of the NYPD. That 420,000 people leave Manhattan due to COVID and he offers NO incentive to come back? All he could muster is , “I don’t know what will happen” if more small businesses left. It’s truly infuriating and someone has to wake him and Gov. Cuomo up, and fast!

To those who are going along with the ‘de-fund the police’ sentiment, you aren’t helping breathe life into this city either. We can find better ways to discuss all of these issues that don’t involve inspiring real violent rioters taking this distrust as inspiration for literally bloodying the NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge! I don’t believe those I know who are advocating for de-funding are bad people, at all. I just don’t think they understand how this kind of distrust in law enforcement is slowly killing our beautiful city that is, I remind you, NOT DEAD!

I don’t believe President Trump wants to tell NYC to ‘drop dead’ like Ford supposedly did in that famous headline. I don’t believe Governor Cuomo wants to see NYC in ruins, as he’s been the most vocal in favor of law enforcement as I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t believe Mayor Bill de Blasio understands that by letting criminals out due to COVID and on top of that try and mold the NYPD to mush, he is inspiring more crime! Why do I say that ? This is what Mayor de Blasio had to say in April “I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done.” (

My message to all three of them is to wake up, stop the politicking and realize OUR CITY is not dead, it just needs a rejuvenation that is going to be needed even more than after the devastation of 9/11! Perhaps the Mets and Braves at CitiField on Friday July 24th, 2020, just like Friday September 21st, 2001 could truly show the nation that New York City is not dead, not even close!

Catch my podcast on this very topic HERE (

I Have Questions for Rep. Omar

Ground Zero was not something I just decided to go see the aftermath of. It’s not something that any of us should have suffered through . It isn’t a something , Rep. Ilhan Omar , it’s a terror attack that happened on American soil! I’d say our soil, but the way you have been talking, I don’t know how true to this country you really are, no matter what you say.

Let me ask you this, were you working at a school for kids with special needs on Long Island the day 9/11 happened? Were you there supporting kids who had to stay over night due to transportation being halted after the attacks? Did you know there were kids impacted that have trakes, oxygen tanks, power wheelchairs , manual wheelchairs and have limited mobility at times? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’.

Rep. Omar, were you there running for your life along the streets of NYC after tower one and then tower two fell? Were you there braving the debris, the dust, inhaling every particle possible as you were a first responder helping people try and escape the HELL and the terror that was just unleashed on New York and America? No? Then please do not call the 9/11 attacks ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you wearing a construction site-type mask to protect your face while watching the debris of two towers that brilliantly and valiantly stood as the commerce capital of the world? Did you grab the bullhorn and rally America and the Big Apple saying that we WILL get through this together? No? Then don’t call this city and America’s pain, ‘something’!

Rep. Omar, were you trapped in New York City feeling helpless on September 11, 2001? No? Then please recognize this isn’t just ‘something’!

You laughed as you said you took a terrorism class, and it boiled my blood. More than you will know. I understand that not all Muslims are bad people, the WORLD knows this. But to make it sound like the terrorists that did 9/11 were just ‘some people who did something’ it cuts me and many others, probably even those who elected you, to the core. As does using the words of President Bush to double down.

Having lived through it, having visited the aftermath and having been working in a revitalized downtown Manhattan the last 5.5 years, Rep. Omar, I am proud to roll by the Freedom Tower because that is a statement on the American resilience.

And for people on the right, we have to recognize that everyday American Liberals are not talking like this, and they have to be recognized as decent, and not part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome because they aren’t the issue here. It’s the ultra- progressive elected leaders and those that support every word they say that is the ‘something’ we all should be worried about!