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Adapt For A Better Normal In 2021

I am not sure about you, but I am getting sick and tired of this talk of a ‘new normal.’ It’s never discussed in a positive , forward-looking way.

How can we be expected to adapt to ‘new’, when there is so much doom and gloom around that word.

Yes, forever being masked up anywhere we go is a gloomy thought ! Forever being told by leadership that we will never get back to the good ol’ days is depressing. The fact is we are being vaccinated one by one , in fact it’s over 4 million Americans that have had the vaccine.

Beyond the vaccine, personally speaking since I myself have been quarantined this week due to exposure to COVID (I am feeling fine !) , I believe people are so craving to see each other again , the interactions will be even better than before the pandemic. We might actually be talking to each other more than ever because that gift of socialization has been taken away from us . If we can adapt again once we hit post-pandemic to interacting with each other , I believe we will be beyond a new normal.

We will in fact be in a BETTER normal! So this next chance for interaction, let’s lift our heads out our own thought process or fears of not being responded to, and interact once again with the workd around us! A better normal is what I want to strive for, how about you?

Teacher Tik Tok Is On Fire!

It used to be a joke. It used to be ‘for teen girls only’. Yet, TikTok’s prominence has taken on a different role now that school is back and Teacher Tik Tok is on fire!

Personally, I know a teacher named Shannon (_mrs.shannon) who utilized her platform to help stock her classroom through supportive followers that chipped in for school supplies! She’s also excited to always use her Tik Tok to, as she puts it, “be able to show my kiddos that I’m human. I hold them to a high standard but I can have fun with them too.”

I’m glad Shannon mentioned fun! The Tik Tok space has given so many other teachers a way to connect with their students and with each other. From what I’ve seen , the teacher’s lounge isn’t the only way our educators are bonding , they now do Tik Toks together which I find quite unifying and fun to see!

For our teachers, it is stressful right now! So honestly thank God this app has been there as a place for all of us to blow off steam ! To move the classroom into a new generation of connection through actually doing Tik Tok projects and even a Tik Tok to break the ice with the kids before class is something to keep an eye on for sure!

A shout out also to my cousin Kristina Micalizzi who teaches in New Hampshire and shares her stories and ideas as well as how she balances mom life with her wife and my cousin Rebecca. Follow Kristina at @kmicalizzi!

I’ve also noticed how the teachers are inspiring each other through putting out creative ideas that work in their classroom! I used to have this idea that lesson plans were coveted and protected since teaching is still quite competitive to get into .

To see these plans be shared to the teachers across the nation is certain special to see!

Don’t sleep on Teacher Tik Tok, it’s a special space and I love seeing educators showing their creative side!

Make America Communicate Again!

Originally posted on Medium! Alex Garrett on Medium

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. It’s not just a saying anymore, it’s reality.

I can sense the multitude of extroverts out there are just waiting to say something to someone’s face. When you wear a mask, the essence of the conversation feels a lot different and you don’t actually see the facial reactions. I mean sure Zoom has also done it’s best to replicate family dinners, workplaces and even Happy Hour! Let’s face it, however, in person you won’t have internet re-starts. I almost wonder if attendance of improv classes will soar after this lock-down is over to boost our interpersonal skills.

So, have you been talking to people outside of Zoom? Literally outside in the fresh air? If so, kudos to you! While masks are muffling words, it’s also freeing us to still say hello to those around us! Maybe, just maybe , this social isolation can truly Make America Communicate Again!

See, in this big city of NYC, I started to notice people look straight down at their phone and be introverted 24/7. Did you notice that too? In your metro area, on the subways, no one really talked with each other and it would get frustrating. Personally, I disregarded not talking to strangers early on in my commuting years. After Yankee and Met games as a kid, I’d talk about the game we all just saw with anyone who’d listen on the subway. Now, it’s basically dirty looks central if you try and engage conversation. These same people that have their head down are probably talkative around their friends, but perhaps this will awaken EVERYONE. Perhaps, this stay-at-home will wake introverts and extroverts up to truly communicate clearer and with each other to make this world a better one through conversation!

Perhaps loss during this time could also inspire people to not lose touch. Life is a precious thing, and when we all suffer loss, we come together moreso than before. Social isolation has prevented us from truly saying goodbye to those we love who have perished in a hospital. It sucks! The silver lining, if any , could be that in this time of need and crisis we come together to support those who have lost, and work to avoid even further loss. We are fighting this virus in a sense simply by talking to each other and informing/inspiring all of us to carry on in the name of lost loved ones.

Conversation moves society forward. As my friend Zach Miller of Truck Stop NYC says, “Often it leads to creativity and camaraderie.” Sure, we can find that on Zoom and in-person, as writer Gabriella Pisani points out, “As long as you’re confident and comfortable in the material whether it’s in person or through technological means you’ll get your point across with no problem.”

Yet, perhaps this pandemic will change our attitudes toward needing to talk to one another. Maybe communicating can finally feel less like a chore and more like a love language towards friends and family and colleagues.

Pick up the phone, send that text, initiate that video call: let’s Make America Communicate Again!