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This Christmas, I Believe In Jesus The Healer (And His Healing Hands on the Vaccine)!

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John 3:16 : “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

That begotten Son was born on Christmas , sometime between 6 BC and 4 BC according to scholars ( . The day the Prince of Peace was born has been written as such a magical night in a bleak midwinter night with no room at the Inn. It is that Peace that we all strive for each and every year , each and every Sunday.

Born on Christmas Day was a healer, as well. His Mother Mary and father Joseph knew it. The Three Wise Men knew it. Later in life, Jesus would show his healing powers with the touch of his fingers. He brought Lazarus up from the grave. He made a blind man see. Truth be told, He walks side by side with us every day healing each and every one that lets Him in their life. Even those that don’t fully accept Jesus are not left out of His graces, I believe.

Now, in modern times, we are being healed through modern medicine. Whether you want to read/hear this or not, God has blessed the hands of those scientists that create this vaccine. While the messaging is confusing , the heart of the matter is God’s will. If we can believe Jesus the healer in biblical times, we can believe His healing power is working through the vaccines in modern times .

Between September and November 20, 2021, the CDC (yes, trust them) reported the risk of just getting COVID was 20x more if you are not vaccinated. As of November 27th, only 3.9% of fully vaccinated were hospitalized . So, VACCINES WORK! They HEAL just as the Prince of Peace healed! Here is the data point from this CDC link: (

Has this form of healing truly worked against omicron? According to the NIH (not talking head, Dr. Fauci, I assure you), they say booster effectiveness is 25 times MORE effective than just two shots. In fact the article linked below argues 80% of vaccine effectiveness against Omicron. Here is more information (

UK Health Security Agency’s statistics cited by the NY POST is fascinating as well, since whatever case rates go on there WILL impact America . According to the UK HSA , omicron can be fought off for about 9 weeks. Yes , nine! So that’s about as long as we have to fight this variant of concern. (

Screw the mixed messaging we hear from the Biden admin, Dr. Anthony Fauci or anyone else. At the heart of vaccine debate should be the fact that this will be to fight this damn COVID once and for all! If Mary and Joseph can adapt to ‘no room at the inn’ for the perfect birth of Jesus, that same heart must be applied here too. God’s healing hands are on these vaccines, and Jesus’s hands on these scientists daily, I believe it!

Christmas is about honoring life, now it is crunch time to PRESERVE LIFE.

Election Day Coverage on Alex Garrett Podcasting

As New York City prepares to adapt to a new Mayor amidst vaccine mandates , Alex welcomed Zach Miller of New York Truck Stop Radio to discuss what the new era should bring for NYC. After all, Mayor-elect Eric Adams will inherit quite the mess from Mayor Bill de Blasio!

Take a listen to my conversation with Zach Miller HERE :

Nationally, Alex Garrett Podcasting talked with author Richard V. Battle about the residents of Minneapolis/ St. Paul voting to KEEP the police department . They also discussed the common sense of Virginia voters to elect Republican Glenn Youngkin over Terry McAulliffe. A reminder, Virginia also turned their state legislature RED!

Take a listen to my conversation with Richard Battle :

I Won’t Make It In Media Because…

…Because I want to bridge the gap with this plaftorm!

This is the exact title of my latest Podcast .

I dedicated some time to discuss this idea of bridging the gap. I believe it is a must here in 2021, but it won’t go viral to say the gap and divide seen in Washington and America must be narrowed.

Yes, everyone talks about it. The term ‘bridging the gap’ is getting worn out and quite frankly over-used and politicized. Yet, the talkers aren’t always highlighting the DOERS that work to bridge gaps in today’s society. It is frustrating when you think about it. Why would the talkers not be DOING? Because if one solution was found, there would be an erosion of profits first and foremost.

There is no doubt this gap keeps existing without any bridging because division makes money, right? Maintaining the division profits so many different sectors of society! News networks profit off continually highlighting the divide while claiming to want to bridge the divide! To do that, you’d actually have to invite those making waves in their community on to various shows. 90% of the time during the week, talking heads talk with other talking heads and the feel good ‘in the community’ segments air on a Sunday when no one really is watching. LET’S STOP BURYING THE BRIDGE GAPPING LEDE!

Can legislation be a bridge-gapper? I would love to hope our tax dollars go to finding solutions, but gridlock STILL plainly exists in Washington, Albany and the Mayor of New York’s office. That’s not by accident. Our elected leaders answer to lobbyists, who fund them. If they actually came together agreeing AGAINST their interests, the lobbyists would turn on them and the donations would stop. I would say, let’s forego focus on the donors and focus on the issues to bridge our divides, but that’s why I wouldn’t make it in politics either. I don’t ever feel meant to be tied down to outside interests in this life!

If this platform, Adapting With Alex Garrett, can’t make it in the media world or politics, that is fine by me! I’d rather welcome those who have solutions and fixers. I want to direct you to places in NYC specifically like the Downtown Alliance (; NY Hospitality Alliance ( and Upper West Side Together ( Find out the organizations doing good in your neck of the woods and let me know of them at!

I implore you to utilize your platform to highlight the doers and the bridge-gappers, not the talking heads!

Blindness As an Ultra-Ability on Adapting With Alex Garrett

On my recent podcast , Dr. Shirley Cheng , described becoming blind at age 17 and then proceeding to start her own ministry called ‘Ultra Ability’!

Take a listen to my latest podcast here !

Who Inspires The Creative Minds?

Every day, on podcasts, on Tik Tok, and on Instagram , the creativity is exploding!

I’ve blogged about this before, the idea how creativity has lifted us up during this pandemic. Yet, who lifts up the uplifting minds of social media?

It’s a question I’ve been wondering since I found a photo by Ben Ko (@benkophoto) that really inspired me. Now , I don’t open up about being inspired because I just want to spread a positive message and not make it about me.

Let me take you behind the curtain though. I firmly believe God has given creative brains to everyone, and so many take advantage of it! I believe God can and does inspire us!

He does inspire us through others . I may smile, I may have fun, but I do have down days (shocker , right?)

This pandemic sometimes ‘kicks the teeth in’ to my mindset because I do want to believe there is an end in sight, and we will see each other again!

When reality sets in that it will take a while longer, I just start remembering the ‘good old days’ in 29 years . Yet, there are moments where I find others keep going that tells me I TOO CAN KEEP GOING. YOU TOO CAN KEEP GOING!

So, creatives and anyone reading this, who inspires you? Who uplifts you? For me, the fact my immediate family are all here through this pandemic is inspiring and uplifting! It’s amazing how close I’ve become with my mom, dad and my stepdad Vic!

If you have an inspiration let me know at!

Let’s stay inspired as we hope and look to inspire!

Sending Peace and Glove!

America Under Reconstruction After Trump De-Platformed

President Trump’s social media de-platforming is God putting all of us under reconstruction as the health of the soul of the country hangs in the balance. I’m hangin tough and thinking before I speak, we’ve got to reconstruct before we destruct! For the Good of The Country!

Making Sure 2020 LOST

I see a meme going around saying when you pronounce 2021, it comes out ‘2020 Won’!

I believe we can make sure 2020 LOST in the upcoming year! We must show 2020 we will not let it haunt us !

In order to make sure 2020 had not won, manifesting energy into keeping business flowing; masks when needed; and a vaccine that seems to really be effective early on!

Working to get our spirits up in 2021, also would be a great output!

We can make sure 2020 has not won in 2021!

What Would Tiny Tim’s Adulthood Look Like

This Christmas Eve, fresh off watching a version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (the Muppets version for nostalgia’s sake) I’ve pondered what continuing the story of Tiny Tim Cratchit would look like. After all, as Charles Dickens exclaimed, ‘Tiny Tim, who did not die!’

During his time, sickness was rampant in England and across the world. Our medical developments of a vaccine just were not there. I ask myself, how would Tiny Tim Cratchit stay upbeat as he battled his illnesses and saw sickness in others as he grew up?

I always hoped that ‘Tiny Tim’ would stay upbeat, as spirited and as smiling as ever before. I always hoped nothing could hurt his precious soul that Scrooge came to love so much. Yet, if I were to write his continued story, I do believe the reality would be he persevered through hard times. As a child, he didn’t seem to care about his sickness, he just wanted to have an amazing time and share his love. It’s easy for people to get depressed about their condition around this time, and I often wonder if Tiny Tim as he got older ever soured or worse, got addicted to something. Growing up, he probably would become cognizant of his differences, and I would write that he would find the positives of the day amidst a world that likes to drench us in negativity.

I probably would write his story through my eyes, and he would be a thriving 29 year old, who in the midst of this pandemic, still keeps wits about himself. I think he may be down at times, but never out!

As a kid growing up, my dad would carry me on his shoulders to St. Thomas Church Christmas morning, my crutches flanking both his shoulders as we walked across Park Avenue from E. 44th and then up the spirited 5th Avenue to 53rd and 5th. With his encouragement, after the service , I used to greet everyone in the aisles and wish them Merry Christmas. After church, we’d come home to a beautiful turkey and beautiful set up my mom had made for the whole gift-opening craze of the day.

Would you believe, last year at age 28 , I still wished parishioners a Merry Christmas like I did at age 6? It is a tradition thing but it also felt GOOD. It keeps the adult me in line with the Christmas spirit instilled through the love of my parents and family over the years at Christmastime. I definitely miss church this Christmas season. I also would write that Tiny Tim kept his sentimentality through the years, and I hope you out there have kept sentiments along the way during this very tough time.

When watching the Muppets version this time around, I have come to feel a bit more cynical than I’d like to admit. I’ve had relationships fail, I’ve felt lonely and sometimes have felt that lost feeling. Yet, when I see Tiny Tim’s smile , I am reminded HOPE IS NOT LOST! I would write that Tiny Tim as he got older gave a shot at love and friendship every chance he can! The disability community doesn’t have to hide, and Mr. Scrooge carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulders is a prime example, I would certainly write that Tim Cratchit would not hide himself as he got older!

I’ve also come to grips that the snapping a finger and everything working out mentality doesn’t work always and this Christmas, I realize the gift is that my family snapped the fingers with me to make things work!

That’s not a bad thing this Christmas, however, because I’m thankful to be able to work and keep a job while millions have sadly lost theirs due to COVID. I’m thankful that all three of my parents are here to see Christmas 2020! They have taught me to speak up for myself, to fight for what I deserve and to most importantly put my head down and keep going!

I see a parallel of that same love with the Cratchit Family, which is why I feel so akin to the character. The Christmas lights brighten my spirits just as much as seeing Tiny Tim’s smile and tenacity. Watching his story again, I firmly know hope is not lost, and I would certainly encourage Mr. Dickens that hope is not lost for the adult Tiny Tim Cratchit.

PS: A real-life friend named Carlos ‘Tiny Tim’ is thriving and a couple years ago had a baby with his beloved! So Yes, Mr. Dickens, there are thriving adult ‘Tiny Tim’ figures in this world!

Greetings From Garrett On the Go – Pt. 1

Dam of Goodness

We all know the phrase ‘when the dam breaks’ what about manifesting a dam of goodness breaking through!