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Previewing ‘King Richard’ and The Adaptations Made By the Williams Sisters

On my most recent podcast, sportswriter Cecil Harris discussed with me his interactions with Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena. We talked ahead of the release of ‘King Richard ‘, starring Will Smith, about Cecil’s up-close interactions with the real life Williams family.

Cecil also gave us a look at the 76 page plan Richard Williams made to woo coaches and bring his girls up to be tennis superstars. We also discussed how adaptations made by the Williams Sisters were led by ‘King Richard’. Is it possible one man inspired generations of women by just hearing the term The Williams Sisters ? Click the interview link below to find out Cecil’s answer to that one !

The conversation also covered Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Series , ‘Colin in Black And White’.

Listen to the entire conversation with Cecil Harris HERE

Adapting With Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame

Two years ago today, the world grieved with France as the iconic spire of Notre Dame went up in flames . The meme above popped up in my Facebook memories!

It’s amazing this was posted a day and a year before the spire of Notre Dame burned. As kids, Notre Dame Cathedral was introduced as home of The Hunchback of Notre Dame…while the bells may be silent this truth rings true every day! Let’s smash stigmas like the Hunchback while remembering the grief of 2 yrs ago!

When I first posted the meme above in 2018, below is the message I wrote!

“Not all heroes where capes : they have power chairs and wheelchairs too; they have walkers or scooters ; they have a Dynavox to help their message get out into the world …it’s true Hunchback was a rarity in the Disney family as it wasn’t someone like Hercules or Tarzan or even John Smith but a Hunched back man. Disney turned what some viewed as a horror because the whole idea of a hunched back man trying to help is just sooo taboo into a glorious movie ! let’s stop normalizing Normal because that’s already been done. Let’s start smashing stigmas together , on and off the screen!”

Creativity During Corona-Virus Will Help Heal!

Can someone turn corona-virus quarantine into creativity? Thanks to our numerous social media outlets, the answer is yes!

Exhibit A : The most striking casualty of the CoronaVirus shutdown is the NCAA Tournament. Yet right now, if you go to on Instagram , they have simulated the entire 2020 tournament! Very cool to watch!
Exhibit B : The meme world has been an incredible help to coping with coronavirus. Can we agree on that? Yes, this virus is deadly, it’s serious. We are losing 13 LIVES a day in NYC, A DAY! Somehow, some way, in the grimness we have to find a way to get through this. So keep creating the memes, the sarcastic 90s generation of people will appreciate it!

Exhibit C: Why not make parody songs of this damn pandemic when you are stuck home because of it? That’s what the Holderness Family did . In 20 seconds, the allotted time we are supposed to wash our hands for (I’d say do more), Penn Holderness combined popular songs and made a mash-up to wash our hands with! I’ll post both links below, as he also gained fame re-writing the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ song at a time where the classic was called out for being politically incorrect during the #MeToo movement. He called it ‘Baby, Just GO Outside’.

Exhibit D: Incredible dance sequences on Tik Tok have seemingly spiked during this stay-in-place quarantine. Families are bonding over the app and they are showing that we can social distance BUT STILL STICK TOGETHER and have fun!

Exhibit E: MrNYCSubway and SubwayCreatures continue to keep people entertained on Instagram ! As well as , WhatIsNewYork!

As a post-script on creativity during corona, the way the President lightens up these intense Press Briefings has been intriguing to watch. I encourage you to look at moments in context from any of our politicians, and not be so rigid in a time where we just need to smile.

For me, the creative streak has certainly been enhanced. I find a purpose moreso for my Spreaker podcast during this time, and look to grow and stick to the purpose of being RESOURCEFUL and not SPITEFUL. On Tik Tok, I’m also inspired to stay with the creative gene as I feed off the creative, inspiring, and hilarious videos you can scroll through in a day.

Podcasting , blogging, meme-ing and just great content on any platform will get us through this ! Let YOUR creative streak shine and shine brightly!

While we are stuck in one position, let’s not stew in the position. Let’s find out why God has us in one place like this, and perhaps YOUR creative streak can shine through too. That will turn darkness into light, in a world that needs much more than the neon lights to shine on again!

Stay safe and importantly, stay creative!


Penn Holderness and The Holderness Family



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When Life Is In Real ‘Jeopardy’!

Jeopardy; jeopardy is a word that has been popularized by the amazing duo of Merv Griffin and well, Alex Trebek! Who doesn’t love Alex Trebek, right? The answer, Alex, is, RIGHT!

For someone who has reacted in the best ways possible to people who put their knowledge in financial jeopardy, even through the Daily Double, it’s no surprise then, the outpouring of support for MR. Trebek’s real life Jeopardy.

When our lives are in Jeopardy, that’s when our grit, our toughness, our faith, and our resiliency shows up! As John Belushi, “when the tough , THE TOUGH GET GOIN!” That is why, I really believe that Alex Trebek will fight this stage four pancreatic cancer into remission.

The country united around the devastating news that Alex revealed on his legendary Jeopardy set, because that’s what happens when one of our own is in real Jeopardy.

If only in this life, could we all react to each other daily as if each other’s lives are in Jeopardy, then we will be unified . Why? Because then we would be kinder to each other if we recognized the fragility of life!

For goodness sake, Mets HOF pitcher Tom Seaver has just been diagnosed with dementia. Fragile, LIFE is fragile!

Let’s cut out the Anti-Semitism, let’s cut out the racism that does exist, let’s even cut out talking over each other, start listening and stop putting everything in our lives, in Jeopardy! Alex Trebek will fight for life, maybe he can inspire us to LOVE the life we are all given .