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Vaccination Won’t Prevent Detonation!

Prior to the Taliban gaining nearly every territory in Afghanistan, there was one major thing the Pentagon wanted all of America to know : a mandated vaccination! Required to serve in our US Military!

What cuts me to the core is this idea the Pentagon would be more concerned about the shot in the arm over , I don’t know, protecting a region until we fully could leave ! If the focus wasn’t on vaccination, I do believe the Pentagon would have been on the ball to prevent multiple detonations at Kabul Airport by our enemy. Why our military is meddling in this political game instead of defending our service men and women is beyond me.

If focus was truly on the Intel received about Taliban’s move to control Afghanistan , I believe 13 US service-members would be alive today! Instead, they wanted to make sure everyone knew soldiers were somehow safer with a shot in the arm over actual protection on the battlefield. It’s another example of how COVID has distracted from other real issues this country and it’s citizenry faces.

Not preparing our military for warfare but making sure they get the jab, is beyond infuriating. It’s like people being told to not go to the hospital for things like a heart attack or worse, because COVID was the end all be all for healthcare. I’m very concerned about the botched exit from Afghanistan and even more concerned that the military seems stumped how to solve the crisis.

I write this as someone who has been vaccinated and I support the vaccine efforts. Yet, for the Pentagon to be so pompous about the shot in the arm , and so scared about combating actual warfare and sieges, it does raise a cause for concern . We must vaccinate and also prevent the enemy from detonating an IED or bomb that could kill more US service members and the Afghani people!

Here Is A New Award Category

How many times do we want to throw a dart at the employee of the month plaque because it was not us?

How many times have we all been on edge wondering who would take home the coveted Best Picture or Best Album Award?

In school, those award ceremonies always had a sentimental and accomplished feeling to it, and now they like the rest of the planet should add a new category!

‘And the winner for most COVID-negative tests go to….’

Cautious Optimism Will Beat CoronaVirus


I’ll start this article straight from what I posted on my Facebook.

“I’ve realized my statuses have just been about Throwing hope at the snowball of cancellations. In reality, I know The train is full speed ahead towards more canceled events into summer but I’m doing what I can to speak a different path for America into existence! Care to join me in speaking optimism into existence? Or is that dangerous to do?”- Alex Garrett

This comment in and of itself has drawn a multitude of comments and debates. I can understand both views.

I have branded about bringing ‘Reality’ to the platform. Internally, I cannot think reality right now. If I take a moment to think about the realness of the moment, I see no end in sight. I see our state leadership chokeholding the social distancing guidelines on its citizens. I see a snowball affect of cancellations well past June. I just can’t say any of that publicly, because it is my nature to be the forever optimist even in the darkest of times.

This may not be beneficial, however. Giving a forward-vision could actually inspire people to break the guidelines. We don’t need that right now. We do need people to shelter in place . I realize some statuses I’ve written have not advocated for that. While I’m not storming Albany, my posts are a form of protest, I can say that. I don’t intend for it to come off that way, but in this time anything advocating the lifting of lock-downs is a way to protest.

I also feel that if you truly tell people there is no end in sight, or that the lock-down must continue, you will depress them and strip them of their will. To give people something to look forward to is only right. It’s human nature to LOOK FORWARD than be held back.

I’m also a firm believer in speaking things into existence. You want the lock-downs lifted, just pray that they will be soon enough, and God will hear us all. After all, we live on His time. Wouldn’t you know after the above status was posted, it’s been reported that NY, NJ and CT have been looking to lift restrictions slowly by June 1st.

Sharing good news is also a must. Sharing how communities across the world have come together to support will truly lift our spirits.

So, if you are one to keep us in the positive, keep doing so! For those who want to live in the reality and stats, keep sharing that as well! Neither side should get upset at each other because America was built on debate! My solution is to throw both ideas together. That is a way we can safely and forwardly be in this together.

Optimism with caution is what is needed right now, so I will think before I hit the enter button, I hope you do too!

Creativity During Corona-Virus Will Help Heal!

Can someone turn corona-virus quarantine into creativity? Thanks to our numerous social media outlets, the answer is yes!

Exhibit A : The most striking casualty of the CoronaVirus shutdown is the NCAA Tournament. Yet right now, if you go to on Instagram , they have simulated the entire 2020 tournament! Very cool to watch!
Exhibit B : The meme world has been an incredible help to coping with coronavirus. Can we agree on that? Yes, this virus is deadly, it’s serious. We are losing 13 LIVES a day in NYC, A DAY! Somehow, some way, in the grimness we have to find a way to get through this. So keep creating the memes, the sarcastic 90s generation of people will appreciate it!

Exhibit C: Why not make parody songs of this damn pandemic when you are stuck home because of it? That’s what the Holderness Family did . In 20 seconds, the allotted time we are supposed to wash our hands for (I’d say do more), Penn Holderness combined popular songs and made a mash-up to wash our hands with! I’ll post both links below, as he also gained fame re-writing the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ song at a time where the classic was called out for being politically incorrect during the #MeToo movement. He called it ‘Baby, Just GO Outside’.

Exhibit D: Incredible dance sequences on Tik Tok have seemingly spiked during this stay-in-place quarantine. Families are bonding over the app and they are showing that we can social distance BUT STILL STICK TOGETHER and have fun!

Exhibit E: MrNYCSubway and SubwayCreatures continue to keep people entertained on Instagram ! As well as , WhatIsNewYork!

As a post-script on creativity during corona, the way the President lightens up these intense Press Briefings has been intriguing to watch. I encourage you to look at moments in context from any of our politicians, and not be so rigid in a time where we just need to smile.

For me, the creative streak has certainly been enhanced. I find a purpose moreso for my Spreaker podcast during this time, and look to grow and stick to the purpose of being RESOURCEFUL and not SPITEFUL. On Tik Tok, I’m also inspired to stay with the creative gene as I feed off the creative, inspiring, and hilarious videos you can scroll through in a day.

Podcasting , blogging, meme-ing and just great content on any platform will get us through this ! Let YOUR creative streak shine and shine brightly!

While we are stuck in one position, let’s not stew in the position. Let’s find out why God has us in one place like this, and perhaps YOUR creative streak can shine through too. That will turn darkness into light, in a world that needs much more than the neon lights to shine on again!

Stay safe and importantly, stay creative!


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