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We The People Are Not The Government

In President Biden’s real first address to the nation, one clip that stood out to me was when he said “It’s time to remember that We The People are the Government.” That quote should be disturbing to anyone who loves their Independence and quite frankly enjoys the Independence Day fireworks displays.

I am convinced if President Biden was tasked with leading the Continental Army , he would have said that all of the colonies had to remember Britain was the government. Thank God George Washington believed in Self-governance!

God did help us break away from Britain in 1776, and I also say this country was also founded on the idea of self-governance. We did not want Britain to tell us what the hell to do! If you love America, you cannot let the POTUS tell us the government is the people. That includes raising heck when our taxes continually increase once again.

Beyond economics, it seemed President Biden was telling Americans to become bureaucratic! After all, the government is bureaucracy in the sickest form. America’s neighborhoods are not meant to be bureaucratic but caring for one another. Americans don’t generally believe in ratting each other out to the State, yet I believe that is a part of what Biden was saying in that quote!

I shiver when I consider this country ‘s government the State. Many fled Russia when the communist accountability to the State ruled the day. We aren’t built to be conforming to what the FEDERAL level says all the time. We have States’ Rights for a reason! That’s in the CONSTITUTION!

Many tout the idea of self-love , but not many preach self-governance. Self-governance is the way we will sustain in these times. Being responsible for ourselves and not totally getting comfortable with stimulus after stimulus is what will put America ‘on the move again’.

I get the feeling more will sue this administration and bank on the Justice System to help maintain self-governance. The lawsuit was utilized to force Gov. Cuomo to cave to businesses thirsting for some hope amidst the iron fist of Andrew Cuomo’s executive powers. Those business owners showed they could govern themselves and their businesses better than any Governor on a power trip can!

It should alarm many that this mindset of We The People being the government probably means a radical shift into allowing the government to take MORE control . To give the government more excuses to limit churchgoing activities or limit basically any right we have in this country . The commentary by Joe Biden was a far cry from President Reagan who famously said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Let’s govern ourselves by standing up for ourselves, neighbors, family and friends. Let’s not fall into the hands of the State, or we will lose America forever! I love this country and would like to keep. With this blog, I’m hoping to speak self-governance into existence even more!

I went into more details on a recent podcast including the lawsuit by South Dakota Governor Noem against the Biden administration when it comes to a fireworks ban over Mt. Rushmore!

Adapting Can Prevent Failure

Ever have a day (or multiple days) where you just shut down mentally?

For the first time in a long while, I personally shut down after an abysmal morning that I look to not repeat again. Making a mistake at 29 is not as easy to overcome as it is at 22. As you mature, you realize the consequences of a mistake and even the shame of even committing it. It was that feeling that knocked me out. I know I shouldn’t feel ashamed about mistakes, but life can be full of preventative measures that I guess humans fail to do. I was so nervous to even tell my folks what happened, but they gave me some sound advice which I look to utilize moving forward!

Personally, I am not good at introspective and that’s helped me coast, by not looking inside. Yet, to experience failure is worthwhile! Experiencing failure can you help you grow, if we just take time to understand the substance and the reasoning why failure happened in the first place! It’s just a matter of hitting back at the failure, as Rocky Balboa notes. Do you ever fail, and have an easy blinding to the failure, instead of fully evaluating it? It’s 2021, let’s evaluate the mistakes and learn from them!

I think I’m hyping myself up here to do this, but I find it’s a worthwhile blog to encourage the adapting to failure. Not to keep failing, of course. I learned today it’s OK to talk about our failure, because you can get the advice you need from the ones who love you. I am always active and out and about, yet today I couldn’t even get out of bed until noon. I was full of embarrassment and failure. I do believe being willing to talk will get you out of bed and back on your feet. Or in my case, back on my foot!

By thinking of it I do believe you can adapt to the failure. One idea is to just write. Write out what the issue at hand was. Write out how you could have handled it much better, put the solutions IN NOW, to make failure a dead-end as much as possible. Note what worked from the last time and how you ‘adapted to failure’. Put your adaptations into practice and of course always tweak these lists as needed! Yes, adapt the adaptations already made!

Another way to adapt to failure, is to apologize PROFUSELY to those who have been affected. Not only do you come off fairly reputable still, you can put your own mind at ease. By admitting the mistake, apologizing for it, you can seriously move on to bigger and better days. Why put pride in front of the chance to adapt and prevent chaos the very next time?

Being human leads to human error. We can take that humanness, adapt to where you have flawed, and turn it into greatness!

Snow = Survival

As you could see above, I put my boot in the snow as a stake of victory against the latest snowstorm that battered New York City!

Many who already have battled lockdown, just felt that this storm was a pile-on to the stay-at-home life.

For me, working in radio during snow is ALWAYS an adventure. Weathering the storm in studio or at a hotel just blocks away, there is always this adventure of being IN THE STORM. Being in that storm this week , I felt a sense of accomplishment !

While rollerblading may seem like the ultimate adaption for many that are looking into my world from the outside, those who know me know how intense it feels when that skate is unusable in the snow.

I feel smaller , like my 4’11’’ height and a lot more human ! Working on crutches and a boot navigating the ice and snow has always felt like a big deal, because it’s the time I actually have to be mindful of staying grounded on foot. No one wants to fall in the snow!

Snowstorm 2021 taught me that if I can weather the storm on crutches and boot, I can conquer and accomplish anything in this life! Sometimes even I need a boost in my motivation, and every step I took in my boot, every time I looked down at the ground to see I just pushed through another snow patch , I felt this feeling that I can do anything!

I hope as life is fragile as it is, we stop fussing over cars stuck in snowy traffic and just celebrate getting back home , sheltered from the storm and safe as possible! I celebrated by doing more on this through my podcast on how snow truly is my survival skill!

Take a listen:

Bringing EB Awareness With Robbie Twible

Pic by Alicia Gonzalez (@iamaliciagonza)

welcome a family friend , Robbie Twible, who discussed his journey living with Epidermolysis Bullosa. The below transcript put together by Rev Transcripts!

Link to the full interview here: (

Alex Garrett:
I remember when you were just a little kid running around the campus at Queens college and doing the athletics. Now you are in college yourself, first of all, tell us your journey and then how things have been.

Robbie Twible:
So right now I’m at Farmingdale State college. I’m studying sports management and I actually just completed my first semester today. It felt like Groundhog day with the COVID.

Alex Garrett:
If you’ve ever been to Queens College Softball on EB Awareness Day, that’s a day, we honor Robbie,. How are you doing with the EB? And maybe give us a little bit about the condition as well as how you’re overcoming that to do college, to do life, to do the podcast.

Robbie Twible:
Yeah. I was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa. So like Alex said EB for short. It’s a rare genetic skin disease where I’m missing the glue that holds the layer of the skin together. So any friction or any, any trauma to the skin comes off very easily. Over half my body is missing skin. I’m doing well. I’m blessed because there’s like clinical trials, over at Stanford university in San Francisco. They injected collagen seven into the skin. They actually grasped it and that’s, and that’s, uh, I’m still in a process of that as going well, you know, I just take it day by day.

Alex Garrett:
Talk about Ellen, I mean, she was, she’s a very influential part of your life. So she had you on, am I right?

Robbie Twible:
Yes. I have to mention Justin Timberlake. Such a nice guy, came backstage and met with me for 10 minutes. Talking Broadway and just reall nice. And, uh, that would never have happened without him. It was my dream to meet him and to meet Ellen and to be on her show. His publicist has her friend, a producer on the show and she told him my story. And so my mom got a phone call from the Ellen DeGeneres show saying, Hey, uh, we heard Robbie’s story. We would love to have you come down here just to have you in the audience.

Robbie Twible:
it was a big commitment for my parents because they had to pay for, uh, travel and hotels. So just to have me sit in the audience that was, you know, in their mind, that first was a big commitment on their part, but thank God we did. They hid me in the green room and they were prepping us for questions. They were prepping us and told us they were going to do it as we’ve just been featured on EllenTube. We went into the audience. I knew something was up when Ellen went on and invited me up with my family. And it was a fortunate experience. Uh, I’ll never forget. And she actually even invited me back for her famous probate giveaways, which was even, uh, another experience. That was amazing.

Alex Garrett:
You mentioned your parents and obviously Rob, um, has been a very good father and you’re your mom as well? A great mom. What does, what have they meant to you in your life so far in your very young life? I should say,

Robbie Twible:
Oh, everything. Uh, my parents always support me and they’re always there for me and they care of me. I don’t have a nurse. Without them. I, you know, I really wouldn’t be where I am today. I would not, I would not be in a good position. They are on top of taking care of me and my sister.

Alex Garrett :
There’s people out there who are overcoming daily and Robbie Twible is no exception now for the fun part, your podcast. Tell me about it.

Robbie Twible:
So I started at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s called Robbie interviews. It’s found on YouTube and it’s basically like a zoom interview. 20 minutes each person, which is sports people, uh, like, basketball head coach of Hofstra. And Iona head baseball coach, Paul Panik, but then, uh, we transitioned to, Survivor season 39 Winner, Tom Sheehan. I’ve done 11 of them, uh, as the episodes go on, I’m sure you find this out too. It’s hard to get people to come on. Uh,

Alex Garrett:
I know Robbie you’re out there, any organization that you think you could recommend that you’ve worked with as well to help the cure for EB.

Robbie T:
Yes. It’s called EDRP, and they really do tons of research. They are really the backbone of research . Uh Keneally they are funding many, many projects that are really looking good, you know, getting cures. So I would, if you could donate that really mean a lot. And for all the other kids who suffer from EB, that would be great.

Garrett’s Sports Sentiment 1

A Brees For the NFL

Drew Brees is by far the most worthy of having a Super Bowl ring. Brees became the ONLY QB with 80k career passing yards in the NFL! He accomplished that feat recovering from broken ribs, just last night against the Vikings on Christmas! Brees truly deserves the only Super Bowl he’s won so far of allll the elites who have won more and he definitely is a first ballot HOF!

God Brings Us Closer to Spirituality Through Loss and Life!

Originally published on Medium :

In 2020, there is NO DOUBT we have suffered so much loss. We’ve lost physical loved ones and we’ve lost our way spiritually. Or have we?

Maybe I’m on the only one who feels this trend but when so much loss has been going on , we tend to say that our loved ones’ spirits are with us. That DOES bring us closer to some form of spirituality ! In 2020, is it possible God is bringing us closer to spirituality through loss moreso than we realize?

In a year of death, destruction and yes plague, I am starting to see His role in this. I believe He is preventing loss as much as he can through the hands of the amazing healthcare workers and first responders (cops included!) and their hard works. A shout out also to those psychologists who stay by their phone to handle the emotional toll of what this time has brought for all!

God’s end game with this pandemic is feeling more like a call to become more spiritual and at ONE with ourselves and each other! I don’t think we can mourn too many passings and say ‘we will continue their legacy and their spirit is with us’ and not truly feel called to adapt their vital spirits that kept us going for many years! Yet, maybe we should work harder to carry on the spirits of those before us, and not just say how beautiful it is they remain with us in spirit!

I do think the gratitude streak in us has been activated this whole time, and now it’s time to be at one with people while they are standing right in front of us! It is one thing to say how incredible someone WAS, but why not enjoy the spirit of someone right next to you ; standing next to you; surviving this pandemic with you! Why tear them down when you can say ‘ya know I love being around that person’s spirit’ and not think of it as a burden or joke to be around!

God is giving us this ability to become more spiritual in loss, but I argue let’s also become more spiritual in LIFE! That’s what it is about !

I expanded more on this on a recent podcast ! Take a listen and talk soon!

Tom’s Terrific-ness Spanned Many Childhoods

As I heard reaction last night to the passing of Tom Seaver from veteran Met announcers Howie Rose and Gary Cohen , I realized that Mr. Seaver , 75, supplied memories for many childhoods on and off the field!

While Howie and Gary got to watch their idol will the Mets to World Series in 1969 at a young age , children of the 80s and 90s heard Tom’s winning mentality through his analysis on broadcasts with the Yankees and then the Mets.

The first thing I did after learning of his passing was pull up audio of his voice . Let me tell you, hearing the HOF’er’s voice sent me back to being 8 years old listening to him call a Mets game with Gary Thorne!

Personally, Tom Seaver influenced my life! In the broadcast booth, Gary Thorne invited my dad and I into the broadcast booth. In the top of the 9th of a random Met game at Shea, I sat next to Hall of Famer Tom Seaver while Gary Thorne held me on his lap.

There was another connection I had realized last year at the ‘69 Mets celebration. Throwing out the first pitch at Shea in 2006 was a thrill! It took me until 2019 to realize the magnitude of that Shea Stadium mound, as that’s the same mound Tom Seaver pitched the Mets into a World Series Championship and rocked New York City!

Off the field and outside the broadcast booth, Tom Seaver also made time to be with community. For multiple years, he attended the Celebrity Sports Night Gala at my alma Mater, the Henry Viscardi School. HVS is a place where kids with physical disabilities can get a great education from Pre-K-12 and adults with disabilities could be given the tools to work! Not only did I get to meet Mr. Seaver , I donned his #41 at about 12 yrs old in a sketch with Seaver’s teammates Buddy Harrelson and Ed Charles! We all had fun playing the role of Vikings , I guess making us the Vikings of Queens!

So yes, Tom Seaver did SPAN 60s childhoods, 70s, 80s and 90s childhoods and it was special to see up close and on the TV!

For Tom Seaver, a man that won 311 games, a man that was bigger than life for New York City , to give back to that very community proved he in his heart and spirit was the hometown boy from Fresno!

Tom Seaver 1969; Me throwing out 1st pitch August 2006
Buddy Harrelson, Ed Charles , Tom Seaver featured on the Viscardi Sports Night Video

No, Not That Way!

We seem to be living a society that says you can do this, but how dare you do that!

These examples pop up daily . The most recent is the celebrity privilege on full display at Barclays in Brooklyn ! While you and I could get fined 10k for not observing quarantine thanks to Mayor de Blasio, celebrities get to waltz in as if this city is open again. Can’t make it up!(

We talk about how bad white privilege is in society , yet someone needs to say other privileges exist, like celebrity privilege ! As far ‘no, not that way ideals go, groups can gather unquarantined , yet there is still multiple pauses on business here in NYC! In essence, you can gather but not in the way it will benefit business owners , customers and the economy!

This same idea applies to indoor dining! How is it that barbers , now gyms (except for New York City Venezuela ) can open yet restaurant owners are on the brink as the days of being locked down continue to drag on! We the citizens, we the people must be given all the keys to our city back!!

As far as social justice ‘no not that way’ perfectly describes reactions to kneeling of players before the game. Personally, I don’t believe in kneeling during the National Anthem. However, when people go on and on about how bad the riots are , one would think peaceful forms LIKE knelling to make a point would be acceptable. That just never seems to be the case. For instance, when the Yankees knelt (before the Anthem) , some fans disowned the team , which was head-scratching at the least !

Where I wish things were different deals with signage and apparel. We’ve seen these fancy masks and some yes are rightfully so pro-Trump and pro- Cop masks . However, in a video this week a woman shared that at Sam’s Club it appears she was asked to take her pro-Blue Lives Matter mask because it ‘offended’ other shoppers. I would love to hear stories from you to prove this is actually happening.

I honestly believe it could be! We’ve seen now Goodyear this week spin its wheels after an employee posted how the tire company would disallow Blue Lives Matter and MAGA hats, but allow employees to wear BLM apparel. Since the story broke, Goodyear has in fact responded. ( ). The fact Goodyear got into this mess is a metaphor, I believe, on how companies think in today’s world.

Can we also talk about parking lot Church gatherings being interrupted by law enforcement? There is no excuse for it now that the DNC made a parking lot party for Joe Biden after accepting his nomination ! So, let’s allow churches to congregate again fully, since DNC really didn’t care about safety the whole time !

One sector of society is telling the Democrats , Republicans and everyone in between what to do, actually having their cake (shaming those who don’t wear masks) and eating it too (shaming those who wear Trump masks) ! Because they want you to be THEIR WAY and constantly remind us , ‘No, Not That (OTHER) Way’!

In An Olympics-Less Year, Athletes Can Still Get The Gold

For the first time ever, the decision as most know by now was made to postpone the Summer Olympics in Tokyo until 2021.

As historic as that is dating back to Grecian times, there is still gold to be won by athletes during this trying time. If not for a physical gold medal this year, the gold of staying safe is up for grabs.

The four major leagues can enforce all they want, but it truly is up to the athlete to stay in bubble mode, or to not violate baseball policies of not going into public spaces. I got inspired to talk about this after reports surfaced the Miami Marlins are under investigation whether or not even just a couple of the team ended up out of the bubble-but-not-really-bubble each franchise are supposedly in. It is frustrating to read that players making money, financially obligated in and of itself to stay safe and those around them safe, could really decide to not stay safe amidst a pandemic.

Staying on team premises during competition is nothing new to me. Firstly, as an athlete from age 5–21, running around the Mitchel Field on one leg, I wanted to make sure I got the SLEEP and ENERGY to win! More importantly, athletes competing in the formerly-known, “Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged” (now called Nassau County Victory Challenge), staying in a bubble for kids with disabilities is paramount. This bubble is the dormitories of Hofstra University. Every first weekend of June, the campus graciously allows athletes and volunteers to stay right near Mitchel Field for easy commute! Furthermore, NICE buses on Long Island would transport us all to either Mitchel Field or Nassau Community College, the site of competition which includes wheelchair basketball!

Kids from across New York City, Long Island and yes even from out of state, compete for gold whether it be via wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball , or running with a walker or crutches! They not only compete, the kids that compete take measures (helped by amazing parenting) to be safe and have fun while competing! These kids have nothing to gain monetarily but through the excitement of participating in a team sport and enjoying the able-bodied kids that cheer on our athletes year in and year out!

Which begs the question, can athletes that feel they can do whatever they want learn from even just one of our athletes that have competed for the love of competition and yes, in fact, won gold? I hope so!

I would love to see the collective athlete one by one say ‘I will stay safe for my team, my family and I’. For our disabled community, staying inside to rest up and to be safe pre-competition inside a must. That is how so many kids can win gold, staying inside MEANT BEING ON TRACK TO WIN GOLD.

That would be the ultimate gold for the leagues if their players only followed the love of the game and their health in 2020.

Garrett to NYC: We’re Not Dead!

Originally Published In Medium:

If the middle-of-the-night clearing out of City Hall Autonomous was any indication, this city craves to get back to normal.

I was going to take a whole different approach to this piece, until it hit me. This week, the Mets will play in Flushing against the Atlanta Braves for their home opener. Where have we seen that SCENE of the Mets hosting the Braves after tragedy? Try September 21st,2001 at Shea Stadium. You want an example of a night where NYC showed it wasn’t dead, it was THAT ONE. Just ten days after horrible terrorism caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and killed 3,000 American lives, baseball was finally back! The pre-game ceremony, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and of course Hall of Famer Mike Piazza’s home run that pulled this City back together (! While no fans will be attending either Yankees or Mets games right now, there is no doubt baseball can once again bring us a spirit of New York City that never dies! Particularly since no one really thought we would get to this point of even seeing a sporting event on television.

Fact is, we have lost thousands to this awful virus. Fact also is, millions are still blessed with the opportunity to wake up in this great city and witness and experience what will go down as more than just its re-opening, let’s call it re-birth of New York City.

A lot has happened just in this year alone, but I would say the biggest change I think felt between September 11th and now is that there is no honoring of our first-responders like there was on that Shea Stadium diamond. Instead the cheers for New York’s Finest has been turned to ‘defund’ cries. The support for nurses has only been vocal, with very little in hazard pay going their way.

Can I just remind you without our Finest (NYPD), our Bravest (FDNY) and without our hard-working nurses and doctors, many more would have perished, I truly believe that. Without them, New York City would have truly been on the brink of extinction. We see the Mayor of New York City praise the re-openings of baseball as we head in to phase four, but it seems he forgot how that could be possible.

He seems to have forgotten that the reason why we pulled through this wasn’t just because of the generic “New Yorkers” like the Governor and Mayor like to praise. NEW YORK CITY IS NOT DEAD BECAUSE OF THE WORKERS WHO DON’T GET POLITICAL AND JUST DO THE WORK NEEDED TO KEEP US SAFE! Yes, regular New Yorkers did extraordinary things to stay inside and stay safe, but the ambulances and cop car sirens ringing through the city during a time of crisis should be recognized as heroic, and not forgotten. Instead with many, including leadership, arguing the ‘de-fund’ rally cry, that heroism has truly been forgotten.

That is why today’s steps to remove the City Hall Autonomous Zone should be considered a step in the right direction. I have been feeling that those who want to have a better city have looked at all the negatives surrounding it. We should also shine a light on the POSITIVES in NYC. Yes, there are a few!

From my point of view, rolling past outdoor diners the last couple of weeks, in my veins I’m sensing a vibrancy returning to NYC. I’m seeing business owners that survived the pandemic are back out there working hard, setting outdoor tables up and getting life going again! I’m seeing signs of ‘welcome back’ coming alive.

To shine only a light on the incompetency of our leaders doesn’t do New Yorkers justice. Yes, we need to show how bad the destruction got and say THIS HAS TO STOP. Shining a bright light on awful behavior is only part of this story. The other part is that you can see life being breathed back in, just roll down Austin Street in Forest Hills. Roll down 2nd Avenue, Avenue of the Americas even and see people LIVING and enjoying life!

When the Mayor acknowledges this vibrancy and re-birth, that is great. How infuriating is it however, that he cannot bring himself to acknowledge the destruction and travesties he’s let parts of this city become by not having back of the NYPD. That 420,000 people leave Manhattan due to COVID and he offers NO incentive to come back? All he could muster is , “I don’t know what will happen” if more small businesses left. It’s truly infuriating and someone has to wake him and Gov. Cuomo up, and fast!

To those who are going along with the ‘de-fund the police’ sentiment, you aren’t helping breathe life into this city either. We can find better ways to discuss all of these issues that don’t involve inspiring real violent rioters taking this distrust as inspiration for literally bloodying the NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge! I don’t believe those I know who are advocating for de-funding are bad people, at all. I just don’t think they understand how this kind of distrust in law enforcement is slowly killing our beautiful city that is, I remind you, NOT DEAD!

I don’t believe President Trump wants to tell NYC to ‘drop dead’ like Ford supposedly did in that famous headline. I don’t believe Governor Cuomo wants to see NYC in ruins, as he’s been the most vocal in favor of law enforcement as I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t believe Mayor Bill de Blasio understands that by letting criminals out due to COVID and on top of that try and mold the NYPD to mush, he is inspiring more crime! Why do I say that ? This is what Mayor de Blasio had to say in April “I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done.” (

My message to all three of them is to wake up, stop the politicking and realize OUR CITY is not dead, it just needs a rejuvenation that is going to be needed even more than after the devastation of 9/11! Perhaps the Mets and Braves at CitiField on Friday July 24th, 2020, just like Friday September 21st, 2001 could truly show the nation that New York City is not dead, not even close!

Catch my podcast on this very topic HERE (