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The Viscardi Center is Synonymous With Greatness

It’s only fitting that a little school and center on Long Island produces greatness . Fact is the Viscardi Center was BUILT with greatness and on a foundation of greatness.

If you know anything about Dr. Henry Viscardi, you would know how great a man he was. He , himself, overcame having limbs that were underdeveloped requiring prosthetic legs. His life experience inspired him to help others and provide opportunities for those returning war veterans who became disabled during combat in World War II! That center, Human Resources, grew and added The Henry Viscardi School for kids with disabilities .

I’m very humbled to say I became a graduate of HVS in 2009. I had gone to school there from K-12 ! A large part of my current day motivation is influenced by seeing friends in the disabled community and HVS community adapt and thrive! Stories from this community can help others ease into adaptation for their current day situations, I know it!

What also makes HVS so great is that our community welcomes greatness! I can discuss so many different ways the Viscardi Center community welcomes greatness , but to be topical I’d like to focus on the Islanders partnership. As you may know , the Islanders are about to face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the semi-finals!

Since I can remember , the current New York Islanders have played hockey with the Viscardi kids year in and year out at HVS. The catch was that these tall hockey players would become wheelchair-bound and be on the level with fast kids in power wheelchairs and regular wheelchairs. The Islanders humbled themselves because they wanted to experience the incredible spirit HVS students have! (

Via Sam Tavarez Productions on YouTube

The Islanders have also made available legends such as Bobby Nystrom and Clark Gillies to join our annual gala which raises funds for the Viscardi Center and Viscardi School ! For a tough group of guys, this kind of outreach show how much of a heart these hockey guys can have for the community and I am here for it!

The Viscardi Center on YouTube

When you cheer them on against Tampa this series , remember that these guys do it for the community and that community, I’m proud to say, includes that little but GREAT place in Albertson known as the Henry Viscardi Center !

Garrett’s Sports Sentiment 1

A Brees For the NFL

Drew Brees is by far the most worthy of having a Super Bowl ring. Brees became the ONLY QB with 80k career passing yards in the NFL! He accomplished that feat recovering from broken ribs, just last night against the Vikings on Christmas! Brees truly deserves the only Super Bowl he’s won so far of allll the elites who have won more and he definitely is a first ballot HOF!

A Thank You and Congratulations to Mike Piazza

Dear Mike,

Today, you go into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum  in Cooperstown. Congratulations! I just want you to know that you helped inspire my love for baseball and stoked my fire to be a catcher at the age of 8 with heroics and a sweet swing at the plate which led you to become the catcher with the most home runs ever. While everyone will recall your most memorable moment after 9/11, I want to say how awesome it was to have your 301st home run ball bounce right at my foot while I played catch in the picnic area, as the home run had cleared the bleachers and bounced off just one table before reaching me.

The most interesting part of it all is how on August 9th, 2006 in your return as a Padre I happened to throw out the first pitch before you took the stage and smashed two home runs at Shea. Chris Cotter, then with SNY asked me what it was like seeing you come back and hit the home runs and I simply said “bittersweet”…it was intense because that put the Pods up for a bit in the game and sweet in the sense that you New Yorkers were able to see that power on display once again just a year after breaking the MLB catchers’ record for home runs as a Met against the Giants.

Congratulations Mike and thanks for all you brought to this city and to this kid from Manhattan!