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Alex Garrett to NYC: ‘Let’s Get Goin’

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On my latest podcast, I broke down the graphic above showing how just 25 PERCENT of NEW YORKERS are seeking employment ! This city, this state is much more driven than that, it’s up to local leaders and the media to instill confidence again!

Find out on my podcast why I say to New York City : LET’s GET GOING!

Critchley’s Philosophy Heard on Alex Garrett Podcasting

You might know the name Simon Critchley! He is the lead philosophy columnist at the New York Times and he’s out with a new book , Bald: 35 Philosophical Shortcuts!

I am so honored to have welcomed him to my latest podcast, thanks to Newman Communications!

Hear From Pencil Leadership

On my newest Podcast , the CEO of Pencil Leadership, Chris Anderson joined to discuss podcasting and entrepreneurship! Don’t miss it!

Find how to go from Zero to a Podcast Hero!

I Won’t Make It In Media Because…

…Because I want to bridge the gap with this plaftorm!

This is the exact title of my latest Podcast .

I dedicated some time to discuss this idea of bridging the gap. I believe it is a must here in 2021, but it won’t go viral to say the gap and divide seen in Washington and America must be narrowed.

Yes, everyone talks about it. The term ‘bridging the gap’ is getting worn out and quite frankly over-used and politicized. Yet, the talkers aren’t always highlighting the DOERS that work to bridge gaps in today’s society. It is frustrating when you think about it. Why would the talkers not be DOING? Because if one solution was found, there would be an erosion of profits first and foremost.

There is no doubt this gap keeps existing without any bridging because division makes money, right? Maintaining the division profits so many different sectors of society! News networks profit off continually highlighting the divide while claiming to want to bridge the divide! To do that, you’d actually have to invite those making waves in their community on to various shows. 90% of the time during the week, talking heads talk with other talking heads and the feel good ‘in the community’ segments air on a Sunday when no one really is watching. LET’S STOP BURYING THE BRIDGE GAPPING LEDE!

Can legislation be a bridge-gapper? I would love to hope our tax dollars go to finding solutions, but gridlock STILL plainly exists in Washington, Albany and the Mayor of New York’s office. That’s not by accident. Our elected leaders answer to lobbyists, who fund them. If they actually came together agreeing AGAINST their interests, the lobbyists would turn on them and the donations would stop. I would say, let’s forego focus on the donors and focus on the issues to bridge our divides, but that’s why I wouldn’t make it in politics either. I don’t ever feel meant to be tied down to outside interests in this life!

If this platform, Adapting With Alex Garrett, can’t make it in the media world or politics, that is fine by me! I’d rather welcome those who have solutions and fixers. I want to direct you to places in NYC specifically like the Downtown Alliance (; NY Hospitality Alliance ( and Upper West Side Together ( Find out the organizations doing good in your neck of the woods and let me know of them at!

I implore you to utilize your platform to highlight the doers and the bridge-gappers, not the talking heads!

Why I Re-Branded to AlexGNYC

Sometimes adapting a brand works! I overhauled AlexGInNYC because it became too complicated to tell someone where to find this blog and my podcast ! Welcome to AlexGNYC!

Link to my podcast further explains this re-brand!

Welcome to AlexGNYC

Adapting to Country AND New York City With Author Nick Lyons

It’s very rare to have a two part conversation for my podcast , but the discussion with award-winning writer Nick Lyons about his new book , “Fire In the Straw” (Fire in the Straw) covered so much and is worth a two part series!

Part One With Nick Lyons

Part Two With Nick Lyons

Is It Patriotic To Wear a Mask?

I pray that we can actually see each other’s faces with no danger in the coming months . I pray we can become mask-less. It’s a tall task right now, but we can get there . I have revived this weekend piece because Vice President Mike Pence is now on camera not wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic ! How crazy is that!

Having worn a mask this week , I have actually felt quite free. It gives a sense of ability to move around in this time of pandemic while still protecting each other. I have the belief that wearing masks at this time is in fact a patriotic action. Protecting each other is patriotic!

There is a reason why PPE has become a huge need. PPE for healthcare workers is still needed! This equipment for our healthcare workers include masks and N95 masks. Don’t hoard them if you have excess, give them to local hospitals that need it! This continues to be a struggle . In fact, if you’d like to donate this article by Rachel Holliday-Smith at THECITYNY is useful! (

Masks could arguably be the way we jumpstart the economy again, having people who are healthy get back to work safely! It just makes sense! I discussed this idea with Dr. Dennis Duerrelle on Spreaker! (

For me, I feel wearing a mask is giving protection back to the world that I received as a baby. While I was a NICU baby in the isolate , there were tons of doctors and nurses wearing masks to protect the little ones around the unit! Moms and dads and family also had to wear those masks to protect the fragile immune systems of all of us in there. That is why I’m at peace with wearing masks today!

The fact I am at peace with wearing a mask is amusing. The person writing this used to be TERRIFIED of masked characters . I would freak out every time I’d see Mets mascot Mr. Met. I freaked out backstage at Cats The Musical with the face painting. It took years to be OK with costumed characters.

Now the only terror of masks I have is not who is wearing them, it’s the fact of requiring them. We don’t live in a society where we should be required to do anything. Being locked down is the biggest example. So to continue the requirement for everyone may not be ideal. For now, however , it is patriotic!


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Stay-In-Place Habits Should Stay in Place Post-Quarantine

Before I really dig in. I want to say a HUGE thank you and much love to the Doctors and Nurses unable to stay in place or safely out of harm’s way. These doctors and nurses are the ones on the front-lines treating the COVID crisis are to be honored and thrown a parade down the Canyon of Heroes, as NYC Council member Eric Ulrich suggested. Seeing the USNS Comfort roll in shows me relief is here for 66,000 suffering New Yorkers in New York Harbor.

We will get through this, and I pray for those suffering, families of lost loved ones to COVID. I also pray that the positive habits written below can help those who are able to stay at home realize the habits we do now , can last with us beyond this pandemic.

Believe it or not, I’m used to the stay at home life. While I, myself, have been out and about, I’ve been fortunate and blessed to see my hard-working mother , Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, be the rock of our little Queens family from home as a writer. Don’t get me wrong, she has been there for the amazing moments in this life, but she has also struck an amazing balance between working from home and being a mother.

Seeing this balance should have prepared me for this inevitable working from home status, right? This pandemic has de-wheeled me and I’m still in shock even thought we all ideally should work from home! I did truck in most of March as an essential employee to work my radio shift and get drive-time on the air. Now, the chance to work just as hard from home has been given.

I’ll admit that while I was ‘under foot’ of my mother as kid while she wrote romance novels, my rollerbladin’ foot is getting ancy. In addition to being in lockdown, the energy I’m putting into my content makes me wonder if I’m doing too much to stay occupied or if I’m doing EXACTLY what I need to be doing in this moment.

There truly is a fine line between overproduction and producing quality content! I podcasted nearly every day last week just because I felt I had the free time even after coming home from the city. It got me thinking whether or not it was necessary to produce all this podcast content ! In the end, I think it was meant to be!

Starting this week , it’s also become balancing my on-the-clock Radio work vs. podcasting and blogging from home. Have you been finding that balance of striking your own creativity on and off the clock?

I’ve been coming to that balance during this whole process we are in together. My goal is to keep such balance after the quarantine is lifted and I can ride into the city sunsets again! I’m realizing that how we adapt to working from home isn’t meant to be a temporary adaptation .

This is God telling us to be mindful, healthy and to change all of our ways. While we pray this quarantine is only temporary, we should also explore ways to keep the habits learnt during this time a long-term routine. No one has really uttered the term, ‘budget your time wisely’ during this tragic ordeal. It’s an important reminder to continue to do so, if you have or haven’t started already .

Write what is and what isn’t working during your experience working from home . The adjustments you can make each day could work toward perfecting work life not only during this time, but the coming months and years after !

While I may not have children of my own, I know this time has put everyone in the same house , slowing all families to a near grinding halt. Remember how busy everyone was at the beginning of the month, that some commercials guilted us for not making time for loved ones? Well, this is that opportunity. It’s not just an opportunity to bond with family for the duration of this, I’m seeing this as an opportunity to truly stick together as family and loved ones long after this is past, even through Zoom or Skype or FaceTime for the ones afar!

This too shall pass, but the habits we make now doesn’t have to pass us by once we are all out of quarantine. Let’s let the adaptable , positive habits we make now stay-in-place for the rest of time!

Creativity During Corona-Virus Will Help Heal!

Can someone turn corona-virus quarantine into creativity? Thanks to our numerous social media outlets, the answer is yes!

Exhibit A : The most striking casualty of the CoronaVirus shutdown is the NCAA Tournament. Yet right now, if you go to on Instagram , they have simulated the entire 2020 tournament! Very cool to watch!
Exhibit B : The meme world has been an incredible help to coping with coronavirus. Can we agree on that? Yes, this virus is deadly, it’s serious. We are losing 13 LIVES a day in NYC, A DAY! Somehow, some way, in the grimness we have to find a way to get through this. So keep creating the memes, the sarcastic 90s generation of people will appreciate it!

Exhibit C: Why not make parody songs of this damn pandemic when you are stuck home because of it? That’s what the Holderness Family did . In 20 seconds, the allotted time we are supposed to wash our hands for (I’d say do more), Penn Holderness combined popular songs and made a mash-up to wash our hands with! I’ll post both links below, as he also gained fame re-writing the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ song at a time where the classic was called out for being politically incorrect during the #MeToo movement. He called it ‘Baby, Just GO Outside’.

Exhibit D: Incredible dance sequences on Tik Tok have seemingly spiked during this stay-in-place quarantine. Families are bonding over the app and they are showing that we can social distance BUT STILL STICK TOGETHER and have fun!

Exhibit E: MrNYCSubway and SubwayCreatures continue to keep people entertained on Instagram ! As well as , WhatIsNewYork!

As a post-script on creativity during corona, the way the President lightens up these intense Press Briefings has been intriguing to watch. I encourage you to look at moments in context from any of our politicians, and not be so rigid in a time where we just need to smile.

For me, the creative streak has certainly been enhanced. I find a purpose moreso for my Spreaker podcast during this time, and look to grow and stick to the purpose of being RESOURCEFUL and not SPITEFUL. On Tik Tok, I’m also inspired to stay with the creative gene as I feed off the creative, inspiring, and hilarious videos you can scroll through in a day.

Podcasting , blogging, meme-ing and just great content on any platform will get us through this ! Let YOUR creative streak shine and shine brightly!

While we are stuck in one position, let’s not stew in the position. Let’s find out why God has us in one place like this, and perhaps YOUR creative streak can shine through too. That will turn darkness into light, in a world that needs much more than the neon lights to shine on again!

Stay safe and importantly, stay creative!


Penn Holderness and The Holderness Family



My Podcast

Democrat Causes Are Crumbling

Well, I’ve not been with you in a long time! Hope I still have some WordPress followers! As the culture heats up, my fingers will burn these keyboards with thoughts that I don’t usually express, so stay tuned!

So what is the culture heating up about. If you’ve been living under a rock, it seems we are heated about everything! From the Russian Investigation to leaving our borders porous to having ‘a discussion’ of whether a baby , A BABY, should be killed after birth! To add to that, the anti-vaxx community is getting louder calling vaccinations, ‘totalitarian’. Insanity!

The Democrats are freaking out, you can see it! You can see the panic when Dem Rep. Steve Cohen is talking 100 mph attempting to state his impassioned views to Acting AG Matt Whitaker on the need for the Special Counsel (  That’s fine and dandy, it’s a free country. But the Democrat voices straining their voices to keep the Special Counsel seems to be lacking when it comes to life! In fact, it’s quite sad and tragic more Democrats don’t scream and stomp and yell when they are hearing Governor Northam, yes that Governor, of Virginia, say ‘resuscitate, if desired’. A baby, the most precious celebrated being, could now be thrown away, discarded after a ‘discussion’ with the baby lying on the table. A Democrat, made those comments. A Democrat Governor in New York enacted 24 week ban, when normally 20 weeks is when the baby is full-term!

This is the same party that now says Washington State should not enact law calling for mandatory vaccinations! Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Olympia, Washington would like to eliminate exemptions to the vaccine requirements. This comes on the heels of 52 cases of measles throughout Washington, cause Gov. Jay Inslee to call a State Emergency.   Yet, there they were, the anti-vaxxers , led by DEMOCRAT RFK Jr. protesting the idea that, oh my goodness, your child should get their shots! What a conundrum! Protesting life, and now protesting vaccinations, the ways to protect OUR kids, it just proves that the Liberal narrative Dems have tried to build over the years is crumbling! Crumbling in front of our very eyes! They try and appear like they care about women, they care about the kids, and that the Republicans don’t.

Yet, if you notice, there is a woman leading Department of Homeland Securities in Kierstjen Nielsen. There is a woman leading the CIA in Gina Haspel. And, if you didn’t notice already, the man appointing these women is a Republican President. Yet if you notice, it’s a Democrat spearheading the anti-vaxx campaign, and it is a Democrat publicly calling for post-birth death of a baby.

I have more on my latest podcast and follow me @AlexGinNYC!

Listen on Spreaker ! Keeping it Real 2-11-19