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Legislation Will Never Outrun God’s Plans

Legislation won’t prevent God’s plans for anyone. The back and forth on this abortion legislation is missing the ultimate point. While I believe abortion should be a last resort, Texas also is trying to play God!

My message to Texas is: let God and let go!

Life is truly precious , but God’s plan for who lives is what we need to focus on. It’s HIS land, His plan for people’s lives and his calling. Texas may be trying to play God, but not one piece of legislation can change the MASTER’s CALL, as Marty Robbins sings about.

Blindness As an Ultra-Ability on Adapting With Alex Garrett

On my recent podcast , Dr. Shirley Cheng , described becoming blind at age 17 and then proceeding to start her own ministry called ‘Ultra Ability’!

Take a listen to my latest podcast here !

Greetings From Garrett On the Go: New Year’s Edition

Stop making resolutions and start finding solutions for you! Solutions to make YOU better in 2021! God is on this journey helping you!

AlexGInNYC 2020

Greetings from Garrett on the Go

May this holiday season shine bright for you amidst this dark time. There is some brightness after all and as God said, ‘Let There Be Light!’

A Prayer For Holiday Re-Organization


Dear Lord,

This holiday season, continue to bless all of our beautiful homes as many look to re-organize their lives and homes for this very different Holiday season. With those who still are in their ‘childhood rooms’ may they be encouraged by you to continue to push their rooms out of childhood and into adulthood with your guidance.

While it has been a really tough year, may the spirit of the season wash over our country with your Hands and bring us light and bring us out of the deathly tolls we have seen. May the advancements of treatments be accepted and applauded, as scientists you have put on this Earth are working around the clock to destroy COVID-19.

Continue to help families clear negative energy from our homes this beautiful season of Christmas in 2020 as we look for your help in preparing the way of the Lord. May the world feel YOUR cleaning out of negativity day in and day out.

Always working to be on our path you set out for all of us!

Thanks Be To God!

Make America Communicate Again!

Originally posted on Medium! Alex Garrett on Medium

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. It’s not just a saying anymore, it’s reality.

I can sense the multitude of extroverts out there are just waiting to say something to someone’s face. When you wear a mask, the essence of the conversation feels a lot different and you don’t actually see the facial reactions. I mean sure Zoom has also done it’s best to replicate family dinners, workplaces and even Happy Hour! Let’s face it, however, in person you won’t have internet re-starts. I almost wonder if attendance of improv classes will soar after this lock-down is over to boost our interpersonal skills.

So, have you been talking to people outside of Zoom? Literally outside in the fresh air? If so, kudos to you! While masks are muffling words, it’s also freeing us to still say hello to those around us! Maybe, just maybe , this social isolation can truly Make America Communicate Again!

See, in this big city of NYC, I started to notice people look straight down at their phone and be introverted 24/7. Did you notice that too? In your metro area, on the subways, no one really talked with each other and it would get frustrating. Personally, I disregarded not talking to strangers early on in my commuting years. After Yankee and Met games as a kid, I’d talk about the game we all just saw with anyone who’d listen on the subway. Now, it’s basically dirty looks central if you try and engage conversation. These same people that have their head down are probably talkative around their friends, but perhaps this will awaken EVERYONE. Perhaps, this stay-at-home will wake introverts and extroverts up to truly communicate clearer and with each other to make this world a better one through conversation!

Perhaps loss during this time could also inspire people to not lose touch. Life is a precious thing, and when we all suffer loss, we come together moreso than before. Social isolation has prevented us from truly saying goodbye to those we love who have perished in a hospital. It sucks! The silver lining, if any , could be that in this time of need and crisis we come together to support those who have lost, and work to avoid even further loss. We are fighting this virus in a sense simply by talking to each other and informing/inspiring all of us to carry on in the name of lost loved ones.

Conversation moves society forward. As my friend Zach Miller of Truck Stop NYC says, “Often it leads to creativity and camaraderie.” Sure, we can find that on Zoom and in-person, as writer Gabriella Pisani points out, “As long as you’re confident and comfortable in the material whether it’s in person or through technological means you’ll get your point across with no problem.”

Yet, perhaps this pandemic will change our attitudes toward needing to talk to one another. Maybe communicating can finally feel less like a chore and more like a love language towards friends and family and colleagues.

Pick up the phone, send that text, initiate that video call: let’s Make America Communicate Again!




When the COVID crisis began, hoarding became a real issue. Bigger than the TV shows about hoarders. We saw the arrest of someone hoarding thousands of PPE in Brooklyn. We saw medicine being hoarded and of course we saw POTUS claim nurses and doctors were stealing PPE equipment.

As we’ve gone into another month, I’ve felt a strong desire to stop hoarding. I’ve felt that I was depriving my readership and podcast listener-ship of inspirational stories. In fact, we all in some way hoard inspiration for ourselves. What got me to this realization was finishing ‘Northern Lights: One Woman, Two Teams, and the Football Field That Changed Their Lives’ . It’s an inspirational story on how the family of Super Bowl participant Carl Parker and his wife Cathy changed the lives of Barrow, Alaska. I highly recommend it!

After finishing the book, I was determined to bring it back to the bookshelf I found it in NYC. Yes , during the pandemic , I made sure to return the book because I did not want to hoard the inspiration I found in it. Have you ever had a book so good you not only didn’t want to put it down, but you also wanted to keep it forever?

Perhaps, this crisis can change that thinking. During COVID-19, we’ve all desperately been looking for inspiration whether through podcasts, books, radio or TV docs like ‘The Last Dance’. If we are so eager to take IN inspiration, why not GIVE OUT inspiration to those who also need it. Have a book you really love and are inspired by? Then pass it on to a friend who might be looking for some hope to cling on to.

Know of stories that should truly live on? Then tell them instead of hoarding them to yourself. I get that we all need to be inspired, but by paying it forward, inspiration can become internalized as well. In fact, if you tell your story or a story of inspiration you might just make this world a better place than you left it.

I could say the same for the public bookshelves and libraries in communities . When this crisis is eased off and people start to normalize and these libraries open up again, pass those hard-covers or paper-backs along with not even the intent of giving it back. Pass them on to uplift others could make you the difference-maker you didn’t know you could be!


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Cautious Optimism Will Beat CoronaVirus


I’ll start this article straight from what I posted on my Facebook.

“I’ve realized my statuses have just been about Throwing hope at the snowball of cancellations. In reality, I know The train is full speed ahead towards more canceled events into summer but I’m doing what I can to speak a different path for America into existence! Care to join me in speaking optimism into existence? Or is that dangerous to do?”- Alex Garrett

This comment in and of itself has drawn a multitude of comments and debates. I can understand both views.

I have branded about bringing ‘Reality’ to the platform. Internally, I cannot think reality right now. If I take a moment to think about the realness of the moment, I see no end in sight. I see our state leadership chokeholding the social distancing guidelines on its citizens. I see a snowball affect of cancellations well past June. I just can’t say any of that publicly, because it is my nature to be the forever optimist even in the darkest of times.

This may not be beneficial, however. Giving a forward-vision could actually inspire people to break the guidelines. We don’t need that right now. We do need people to shelter in place . I realize some statuses I’ve written have not advocated for that. While I’m not storming Albany, my posts are a form of protest, I can say that. I don’t intend for it to come off that way, but in this time anything advocating the lifting of lock-downs is a way to protest.

I also feel that if you truly tell people there is no end in sight, or that the lock-down must continue, you will depress them and strip them of their will. To give people something to look forward to is only right. It’s human nature to LOOK FORWARD than be held back.

I’m also a firm believer in speaking things into existence. You want the lock-downs lifted, just pray that they will be soon enough, and God will hear us all. After all, we live on His time. Wouldn’t you know after the above status was posted, it’s been reported that NY, NJ and CT have been looking to lift restrictions slowly by June 1st.

Sharing good news is also a must. Sharing how communities across the world have come together to support will truly lift our spirits.

So, if you are one to keep us in the positive, keep doing so! For those who want to live in the reality and stats, keep sharing that as well! Neither side should get upset at each other because America was built on debate! My solution is to throw both ideas together. That is a way we can safely and forwardly be in this together.

Optimism with caution is what is needed right now, so I will think before I hit the enter button, I hope you do too!

Laying Down the Palms For Our Lord And First Responders

Well, here we are. Another day in quarantine in New York City, and yet the sun is shining so bright! I’ve always loved this time of year because of the smells, the sights, and the idea of rebirth! Sure, baseball should be up and running at this time, but today feels bigger than sports.

Today, Palm Sunday kicks off Holy Week, which leads to Easter Sunday! While we are used to standing outside our church during the blessing of the palms, this year is no doubt different.

We may be social distancing from each other out of safety, but God is not social distancing from us. I genuinely feel that, and I hope you do too! It is eerie not to be able to hold the palms in my hands this year outside Church of the Holy Family on E. 47th street in NYC with my dad. To process this change, I’ve realized we still can lay the palms down for Christ in our hearts and minds as He enters this tumultuous time to guide us through.

What I would also love to see this Palm Sunday is somehow, someway, laying the palms down at ER entrances across the country. They should be laid down in honor of the suffering and the hardworking doctors and healthcare workers working to defeat COVID-19. What these healthcare workers are doing around the clock is Christ-like, wouldn’t you agree?

Having been in the care of loving doctors and nurses at the beginning of life in the NICU, I have always thought that the healthcare system is a creation of God, too! While we can debate about how healthcare should be run, ultimately, I believe it is God who puts on this Earth, people with care-giving, problem-solving through medicinal creations, and healing skill-sets that can get the sick through a crisis. Medicine, created by those doing good, is, therefore, a blessing from God, and we should never turn away from solutions that can heal the sick.

To lay palms at the feet of healthcare workers, then, makes sense! If not this year, perhaps, as a friend recommends, a tradition can start next year to lay palms at the entrances of ER’s around the country in a show of appreciation.

This year, however, let’s show them, love, through the 7 PM cheers, and the everlasting prayers we continue to have for our first-responders and those who suffer, and mentally lay down the palms this season.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!