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I’m Vaccinated, But I Won’t Bully Those Who Aren’t Vaccinated !

AlexGNYC1 2021

This was a joyous moment! The whole process of being vaccinated was in a sense magical. Two weeks ago, I completed the final dose of Pfizer thanks to NYC Health and Hospitals+ ! Hence I am fully vaccinated! Or so I thought , I’ll get to that in a bit.

However, the walk-in process felt special and right now, walk-in appointments are available if you so desire to become vaccinated! (

I utilize this platform to simply encourage , not judge you if you don’t want to get a vaccine due to health concerns and the news surrounding after-effects. Trust me, I was nervous of side-effects of vaccine two as well. I also don’t believe in threats against resuming society if not every person is vaccinated.

Not every person gets the flu vaccine, and they have that right , why not the right in this instance as well as COVID cases decline?

My journey of what I believed is considered fully vaccinated feels exciting moving forward. Will we really need a third shot? Will I get that third shot if so? Time will tell. For now, I’m excited to just get back to the ballyard for baseball this summer . Excited to roll around the city a little more carefree than before and just enjoy a BETTER normal in our city, NEW YORK CITY. Let’s bring it back baby!

I just hope that America is not held hostage by the idea of the vaccine. We have freedoms in this country and thank GOD we haven’t mandated legislatively this vaccine. Yet, the pressures told to us that we can’t get back to normal unless we all get vaccinated is such a pressure campaign, it disheartens me.

The Oscars had everyone vaccinated, but why aren’t these stars doing ANYTHING to ease the distrust some of America still has? The President and the VP got the vaccine on CAMERA, yet they too don’t encourage us to get the vaccine , only threatening us if we don’t get that shot in the arm!

So if pressuring and bullying is what our leaders will resort to, I say just let us live! Heck, let us be vaxxed if so desired and enjoy those benefits. But, most importantly let us be adults in the room, Americans CAN handle themselves!

Adapt For A Better Normal In 2021

I am not sure about you, but I am getting sick and tired of this talk of a ‘new normal.’ It’s never discussed in a positive , forward-looking way.

How can we be expected to adapt to ‘new’, when there is so much doom and gloom around that word.

Yes, forever being masked up anywhere we go is a gloomy thought ! Forever being told by leadership that we will never get back to the good ol’ days is depressing. The fact is we are being vaccinated one by one , in fact it’s over 4 million Americans that have had the vaccine.

Beyond the vaccine, personally speaking since I myself have been quarantined this week due to exposure to COVID (I am feeling fine !) , I believe people are so craving to see each other again , the interactions will be even better than before the pandemic. We might actually be talking to each other more than ever because that gift of socialization has been taken away from us . If we can adapt again once we hit post-pandemic to interacting with each other , I believe we will be beyond a new normal.

We will in fact be in a BETTER normal! So this next chance for interaction, let’s lift our heads out our own thought process or fears of not being responded to, and interact once again with the workd around us! A better normal is what I want to strive for, how about you?

One of the 100 million arms vaccinated in America

UPDATE: A day after my piece on the vaccine numbers rising, I myself got the first dose of Pfizer thanks to NYC Health and Hospitals!

Thanks be to God for shaping the scientists that continually create these treatments !!!

Let’s start showing the rising vaccinated numbers on our TV screens!

100 Million Vaccines, Now What America?

You wouldn’t know there were 100 million vaccines have been administered in America. Yet, President Biden said just that yesterday , but the urgency to open this country certainly is lacking .

In fact, the incredible insanity is the discussion of another lockdown ! What? Aren’t these vaccinations around to prevent another lockdown? To build an immune American again?

We see America reaching 100 million vaccines yet still being compared to places like Italy where cases are climbing again? What is the point of celebrating 100 million vaccines then? Just to say it?

As I said on my recent podcast, people will start asking why we still are at under 100% capacity if 100 million are now immune a year later? Where is the sense in that?

Our small businesses don’t have time to waste President Biden and NY Gov. Cuomo/ CA Gov. Newsom! They don’t! Americans cannot afford to wait for your decision of when to let us out from under your thumb . By waiting until June or July to ramp up to 100%, you effectively continue the death of America as we know it while celebrating 100 million vaccines given to Americans.

The CDC is continually shifting its guidelines, but the most I’ve seen is social distanced school openings and people who are vaccinated can congregate without wearing a mask. I haven’t seen anything else major they have done to move this country forward. I used to celebrate when the CDC relaxed guidelines, but now I say big whoop!

For nearly a year, I’ve also heard how much the science is telling us these measures have been necessary every step of the way, even the gradual reopenings. Vaccinations are the most progress made in this battle against COVID thanks to scientists working with Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca to develop these vaccines in rapid speed. Of course, the rapid speed is thanks to Operation Warpspeed, an initiative of former President Trump.

Yet, with all this progress , it appears we will continue to sit on our hands as a country and as a state even as the numbers of vaccinated rise. Should that pattern continue, I’ll really start asking ‘Now What, America?’

The Underreported Injustices Of Pandemic 2020

While I thank God I have made it a year in a pandemic, I really would be feeling God’s work was honored if nursing home deaths were held accountable.

We can all pat ourselves on the back for surviving a year, or we can fight for justice for the families of loved ones that were killed due to heinous policy.

When NYS Attorney General Letitia James released her findings on Governor Cuomo’s March 24th, 2020 directive to put COVID positive patients back into nursing homes, the Governor’s bright lights started to dim into the accusations of sexual assault. Yet, let’s not forget the AP and others reporting nearly 20k underreported nursing home deaths in New York State! The Cuomo cover – up is worse than Nixon in that it hid DEATH! This is a criminal offense and obstruction that has eyes at the FBI and DOJ investigating right now!

The other underreported injustice is the fight to be free from domestic abuses amidst the lockdown. According to the IndexJournal reporting, the CDC, the very agency telling us how important and safe lockdowns would be, also reported that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men have experienced domestic abuse . (IndexJournal). This disturbing trend has to come to light. I read stories of pizza places becoming safe havens for the abused in their communities . Why would the CDC make citizens live in fear not just from a pandemic but from those who live right in the same house? Why didn’t this get much attention?!

Let’s also talk about how this year of pandemic led to many horrific cases of people contemplating suicide. According to the Washington Post, 1 in 4 young adults had at one point seriously considered suicide . (Washington Post) As far as actual suicide deaths a a result of the lockdown, numbers aren’t as prevalent . Yet, for the stories of those who have taken their lives during this time, their families must be recognized and cared for!

How could these government leaders not know putting COVID positive patients in nursing homes lead to deaths ? Oh wait they definitely did and criminally cooked the books as not to be tweeted by then-President Trump, are you kidding me? By the same token, how could the CDC not work harder to combat the affects of the lockdowns they mandated on this country ?

After the horrible death of George Floyd, fighting for justice is what 2020 ended up being about. The rallying cries of ‘no justice , no peace’ rang out and then riots broke out.

No riots, no protests for the families that lost loved ones in the nursing home disaster just because the media LOVED CUOMO. Let’s protest affects of these COVID policies which also led to injustice!

Blood Doesn’t Lie

Today’s blog is partial transcript of my podcast on vaccines AND anti-body tests. You can listen to the full episode here (

Transcript from 12/10/20:

We are talking an awful lot about COVID testing every day. You know what we could also be talking about? Getting your antibody test. If we found out people have had it more than we know, then you can open places it up. Say, “Yeah, they’ve had it. This restaurant’s servers, employees didn’t know it, but they had it so we can open up and we can make it safe.”

No one’s pushing really to get the antibodies test. No one’s even really giving stats about that. Why? Because if we know who has antibodies and who doesn’t and the percentages, I think we can gauge that possibly more so than the test itself. You know why? They take a blood test for that antibody test, and do you know, blood does not lie? Blood is what’s in here. It’s science. That is a science, what’s in our veins.

I read a couple of days ago, the Kansas City Chiefs had “Seven false positives.” So in essence, what is the testing doing? Is it accurate or not? So why don’t we switch from mandating vaccines, switch from stressing the COVID test itself, and start encouraging people to give that little blood to find out if you have an antibody. Because there are 50% of Americans comfortable taking this vaccine, while 50% do not want to take it.

If you say, “Hey, we’ve done all these blood samples, okay, and we know who has the antibodies and who doesn’t.” And if they don’t, just keep them safe, but if they do, of course, give a warning, “Hey, you can get it again.” But don’t be too alarmed if you’ve already had the antibodies.

At one point in Connecticut, 5% of the population had antibodies at one point. You take a whole swath, the 167,000 people, which was what they did, and you say, “Hey, look, these people, this group has antibodies.” I really believe in getting the anti-body test, because if I had it, I would want to know. Wouldn’t you? If you had it and you didn’t know, but you were asymptomatic? Go out and get your antibody test.

I’m just thinking we are banking too much on the glory of these vaccines. As great as it is that we’ve got treatments that should be utilized, should not be talked down, let’s also think of the alternatives for the 50% that don’t want. And the 50% that don’t want it, take your antibody tests now then. Let’s see if you have COVID. Look, if 50% of America has antibodies, we can reopen up a lot faster than slower, and that’s Just a fact. And as I said, these swabs, I don’t know, may not be accurate enough. But you talk about science, Governor Cuomo, you’re talking about science, Mayor de Blasio, you talk about data.

I want to know what’s in the bloodstream now. I am very curious. Because if we inject something into our bloodstream that makes us tired, lethargic, if you have allergies, you’re going to get it worse, apparently, the side effects. Then let’s see what’s in the bloodstream first before injecting this in our bloodstream. I know I’ve been clapping a lot last couple days, but I’m just very passionate about this because I do not want to see our country continue to close down simply on one set of stats anymore.

It shouldn’t be, especially when we can have data that says, “Hey, you know what? This vaccine is working, but you know what else? People have naturally gotten over this and we see that in the antibody test.” Why aren’t you promoting that more, medical community? Why is the COVID test the answer for everything? When we’re seeing negatives one day, positives another and then whatever. It seems the most reliable thing to do is just check our actual blood so that we can save the blood, sweat, and tears that go into every business and every person’s life in America. By tapping into our bloodstream either with a safe vaccine or anti-body test, we can save the life blood of America. So let’s do it.

Make America Communicate Again!

Originally posted on Medium! Alex Garrett on Medium

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. It’s not just a saying anymore, it’s reality.

I can sense the multitude of extroverts out there are just waiting to say something to someone’s face. When you wear a mask, the essence of the conversation feels a lot different and you don’t actually see the facial reactions. I mean sure Zoom has also done it’s best to replicate family dinners, workplaces and even Happy Hour! Let’s face it, however, in person you won’t have internet re-starts. I almost wonder if attendance of improv classes will soar after this lock-down is over to boost our interpersonal skills.

So, have you been talking to people outside of Zoom? Literally outside in the fresh air? If so, kudos to you! While masks are muffling words, it’s also freeing us to still say hello to those around us! Maybe, just maybe , this social isolation can truly Make America Communicate Again!

See, in this big city of NYC, I started to notice people look straight down at their phone and be introverted 24/7. Did you notice that too? In your metro area, on the subways, no one really talked with each other and it would get frustrating. Personally, I disregarded not talking to strangers early on in my commuting years. After Yankee and Met games as a kid, I’d talk about the game we all just saw with anyone who’d listen on the subway. Now, it’s basically dirty looks central if you try and engage conversation. These same people that have their head down are probably talkative around their friends, but perhaps this will awaken EVERYONE. Perhaps, this stay-at-home will wake introverts and extroverts up to truly communicate clearer and with each other to make this world a better one through conversation!

Perhaps loss during this time could also inspire people to not lose touch. Life is a precious thing, and when we all suffer loss, we come together moreso than before. Social isolation has prevented us from truly saying goodbye to those we love who have perished in a hospital. It sucks! The silver lining, if any , could be that in this time of need and crisis we come together to support those who have lost, and work to avoid even further loss. We are fighting this virus in a sense simply by talking to each other and informing/inspiring all of us to carry on in the name of lost loved ones.

Conversation moves society forward. As my friend Zach Miller of Truck Stop NYC says, “Often it leads to creativity and camaraderie.” Sure, we can find that on Zoom and in-person, as writer Gabriella Pisani points out, “As long as you’re confident and comfortable in the material whether it’s in person or through technological means you’ll get your point across with no problem.”

Yet, perhaps this pandemic will change our attitudes toward needing to talk to one another. Maybe communicating can finally feel less like a chore and more like a love language towards friends and family and colleagues.

Pick up the phone, send that text, initiate that video call: let’s Make America Communicate Again!




When the COVID crisis began, hoarding became a real issue. Bigger than the TV shows about hoarders. We saw the arrest of someone hoarding thousands of PPE in Brooklyn. We saw medicine being hoarded and of course we saw POTUS claim nurses and doctors were stealing PPE equipment.

As we’ve gone into another month, I’ve felt a strong desire to stop hoarding. I’ve felt that I was depriving my readership and podcast listener-ship of inspirational stories. In fact, we all in some way hoard inspiration for ourselves. What got me to this realization was finishing ‘Northern Lights: One Woman, Two Teams, and the Football Field That Changed Their Lives’ . It’s an inspirational story on how the family of Super Bowl participant Carl Parker and his wife Cathy changed the lives of Barrow, Alaska. I highly recommend it!

After finishing the book, I was determined to bring it back to the bookshelf I found it in NYC. Yes , during the pandemic , I made sure to return the book because I did not want to hoard the inspiration I found in it. Have you ever had a book so good you not only didn’t want to put it down, but you also wanted to keep it forever?

Perhaps, this crisis can change that thinking. During COVID-19, we’ve all desperately been looking for inspiration whether through podcasts, books, radio or TV docs like ‘The Last Dance’. If we are so eager to take IN inspiration, why not GIVE OUT inspiration to those who also need it. Have a book you really love and are inspired by? Then pass it on to a friend who might be looking for some hope to cling on to.

Know of stories that should truly live on? Then tell them instead of hoarding them to yourself. I get that we all need to be inspired, but by paying it forward, inspiration can become internalized as well. In fact, if you tell your story or a story of inspiration you might just make this world a better place than you left it.

I could say the same for the public bookshelves and libraries in communities . When this crisis is eased off and people start to normalize and these libraries open up again, pass those hard-covers or paper-backs along with not even the intent of giving it back. Pass them on to uplift others could make you the difference-maker you didn’t know you could be!


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Is It Patriotic To Wear a Mask?

I pray that we can actually see each other’s faces with no danger in the coming months . I pray we can become mask-less. It’s a tall task right now, but we can get there . I have revived this weekend piece because Vice President Mike Pence is now on camera not wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic ! How crazy is that!

Having worn a mask this week , I have actually felt quite free. It gives a sense of ability to move around in this time of pandemic while still protecting each other. I have the belief that wearing masks at this time is in fact a patriotic action. Protecting each other is patriotic!

There is a reason why PPE has become a huge need. PPE for healthcare workers is still needed! This equipment for our healthcare workers include masks and N95 masks. Don’t hoard them if you have excess, give them to local hospitals that need it! This continues to be a struggle . In fact, if you’d like to donate this article by Rachel Holliday-Smith at THECITYNY is useful! (

Masks could arguably be the way we jumpstart the economy again, having people who are healthy get back to work safely! It just makes sense! I discussed this idea with Dr. Dennis Duerrelle on Spreaker! (

For me, I feel wearing a mask is giving protection back to the world that I received as a baby. While I was a NICU baby in the isolate , there were tons of doctors and nurses wearing masks to protect the little ones around the unit! Moms and dads and family also had to wear those masks to protect the fragile immune systems of all of us in there. That is why I’m at peace with wearing masks today!

The fact I am at peace with wearing a mask is amusing. The person writing this used to be TERRIFIED of masked characters . I would freak out every time I’d see Mets mascot Mr. Met. I freaked out backstage at Cats The Musical with the face painting. It took years to be OK with costumed characters.

Now the only terror of masks I have is not who is wearing them, it’s the fact of requiring them. We don’t live in a society where we should be required to do anything. Being locked down is the biggest example. So to continue the requirement for everyone may not be ideal. For now, however , it is patriotic!


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Cautious Optimism Will Beat CoronaVirus


I’ll start this article straight from what I posted on my Facebook.

“I’ve realized my statuses have just been about Throwing hope at the snowball of cancellations. In reality, I know The train is full speed ahead towards more canceled events into summer but I’m doing what I can to speak a different path for America into existence! Care to join me in speaking optimism into existence? Or is that dangerous to do?”- Alex Garrett

This comment in and of itself has drawn a multitude of comments and debates. I can understand both views.

I have branded about bringing ‘Reality’ to the platform. Internally, I cannot think reality right now. If I take a moment to think about the realness of the moment, I see no end in sight. I see our state leadership chokeholding the social distancing guidelines on its citizens. I see a snowball affect of cancellations well past June. I just can’t say any of that publicly, because it is my nature to be the forever optimist even in the darkest of times.

This may not be beneficial, however. Giving a forward-vision could actually inspire people to break the guidelines. We don’t need that right now. We do need people to shelter in place . I realize some statuses I’ve written have not advocated for that. While I’m not storming Albany, my posts are a form of protest, I can say that. I don’t intend for it to come off that way, but in this time anything advocating the lifting of lock-downs is a way to protest.

I also feel that if you truly tell people there is no end in sight, or that the lock-down must continue, you will depress them and strip them of their will. To give people something to look forward to is only right. It’s human nature to LOOK FORWARD than be held back.

I’m also a firm believer in speaking things into existence. You want the lock-downs lifted, just pray that they will be soon enough, and God will hear us all. After all, we live on His time. Wouldn’t you know after the above status was posted, it’s been reported that NY, NJ and CT have been looking to lift restrictions slowly by June 1st.

Sharing good news is also a must. Sharing how communities across the world have come together to support will truly lift our spirits.

So, if you are one to keep us in the positive, keep doing so! For those who want to live in the reality and stats, keep sharing that as well! Neither side should get upset at each other because America was built on debate! My solution is to throw both ideas together. That is a way we can safely and forwardly be in this together.

Optimism with caution is what is needed right now, so I will think before I hit the enter button, I hope you do too!