We Are New York Strong!

by Alex Garrett

We must all realize that sensible New Yorkers are banded together AGAINST the looting and fire-setting.

At the same time, distinctions should be made clearer there are peaceful protesters and those are the protesters, period.

The rest is anarchy, from what I can see. We must realize some that participate in the anarchy are not strictly agitators, but are so angry in their heart because they see the same headlines and wake up worried every day sadly. Should they be held accountable and arrested for committing crimes? Yes! However, It is not up to us to use this platform to judge their life’s choices.

We get rid of agitation and change hearts of those looting and destroying buildings by recognizing the outbreaks of peace we have seen as well and saying THAT is your model to go by.

The co-ordination of this through technology must be intercepted by those who want peace. I pray someone in these group chats start telling messages of a different kind.